The Media Still Trying to Kill a Clinton Presidency

Hillary and Bill Clinton at Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa, in September


The media failure and complete bias was worse than ever this weekend. The media proved again that they will do anything they can to kill a Hillary Clinton presidency. Even if they need to stoop to lies, half truths and delinquent reporting.

As I have said in the past, the media and the GOP have been out to get Sec. Clinton since 1992 when she said something about not being the stay at home and baking cookies kind of mother. Ever since then we have heard a continuous feed of accusations, from murdering people to being dishonest to putting National Security at risk.

Years, decades of accusation and not one has been proven to be accurate. Nothing. The media never says “oh yeah, we accused Hillary of murdering people, but turns out we had no proof so therefore she is innocent.”

The media being complicit with the GOP has led to decades of false charges, negative press and character assassination. And, no one is held responsible.

What is different today is that many Dems now believe this narrative; they sound like they are reading GOP talking points. All being led by Bernie Sanders.

Let’s start with the last few days. Sanders ignorantly and arrogantly tried to label Clinton as being bought and owned by large donors at the Clooney fundraiser. Sanders was outraged at the obscene amount of money being raised. Cut to Clooney himself being interviewed on Meet the Press.

Clooney agreed the amounts of money were obscene but told a global TV audience that the bulk of the money from his fundraisers was going to the down ticket Dem races, not to Hillary. He also stated that in order to get money out of politics a major amount of money was needed to fight off the influence of GOP members like the Koch brothers.

Clooney went on to say that he liked Sanders a lot and thought Sanders should stay in the race until the end. When asked why he was backing Clinton over Sanders Clooney spoke in depth about his experience in working with Sec. Clinton and how knowledgeable she was on issues and his confidence that Mrs. Clinton would be the best and most qualified  person to get things done.

Post interview, Sanders response: Clinton is indebted to these big money people. CNN response: to play a clip that stops the Clooney interview at “it’s an obscene amount of money” while cutting off why the money is needed. Countless other media sources reported that Clooney said (only) the money raised was obscene.

It should be noted loudly and clearly that Clinton is raising money for senate and house races while Sanders refuses to. This, another point the media won’t report on.

Minimum Wage, Sanders/GOP Media report that Clinton is flip flopping about what she would like to see as the target. The media doesn’t report this and Sanders and his Zombie followers can’t seem to understand a simple fact. Leading economists think $15/hour could seriously damage many county economies. So, Mrs. Clinton is striving for a $12/hour wage for everywhere and those that can afford go as high as possible.

This is the same position Elizabeth Warren has taken. Recently NY State has instituted a $15/hour wage to take effect over 5 years. Each year they will evaluate if the higher wages hurt economic growth and adjust the wages by economic realities.

This isn’t a hard concept to understand. But when you have the media ignoring the facts and Sanders erroneously stating Clinton is changing her stance it’s almost impossible to get the facts out. Primarily because no one wants to hear the facts.

The meme of the super delegates are stacked against Bernie is preposterous.  If you do some research you’ll know that those super delegates don’t vote until all primaries are over, so nothing is stacked in anyone’s favor. Again, hard to get facts out when both Bernie and media are misrepresenting facts.

I’d like to see a media that reported facts, not just snippets to boost their ratings. I’d like to think fellow Dems would want to know the whole truth, not just listen to fairytales they want to hear. That is not reality in our world today.

My advice? Get out and Vote that is the best way to move things forward. Also, try to be curious and want to learn more information.

More to come



More Extreme Media Bias to Kill a Clinton Presidency



As you know I hate any kind of media bias, spin or completely inaccurate ‘reporting.’ I like hearing the truth and what actually happened. Today, again, the media completely failed to report an accurate version of what happened yesterday.

Instead, they reported in such a way to create drama; and most of all to create readership, clicks: profit.

I looked at the headlines this morning and all I saw was the ‘devastating blow to Hillary Clinton,’ would she be able to recover?’ ‘the huge upset that Sanders had caused by winning Michigan.’

Not one media outlet reported that the win by Mr. Sanders was in the one percent range, not exactly a defeating triumph. More importantly, not one of the news media outlets reported that MI has what is called an ‘open’ primary system. What that means is that Republicans can vote for Democratic nominees; thus using the GOP to once again try to get rid of Hillary by voting for Bernie.

This is extremely important. Rather than every major news outlet having blaring headlines about can Clinton survive this loss, not one pointed out how minute the loss actually was and, more importantly, that the GOP could very easily have been responsible.

The facts are that Sec Clinton won the majority of Dem voters in MI last night. What made Sen. Sanders pull slightly ahead was the votes of the GOP and IND. No one is reporting on who pushed him over the edge. If it was the INDs this is a big win for Sanders. If it was the GOP, this has nothing to do with Sanders, it’s all about trying to take down Hillary.

No, we don’t know which is true and we will find out more next Tuesday. But, to jump to such drastic breathless conclusions is not only wrong it’s completely irresponsible news reporting. It is just presenting one side of the story.

We need to demand better.

What also sickened me was to see the so called BernieBots out in full force declaring complete victory. Many foolishly said the race could be over in less than a week. I do think it is so wrong for twitter users to so distort what is going on. I have personally found most of the BernieBots unnecessarily hostile and inaccurate. I have rarely heard such nonsense from a particular group; that includes from Trump supporters too.

There is very good reason for this. Many of these BernieBots are actually GOP trying to turn Dems against Clinton by pretending to be Bernie supporters. Their objective? To crucify Sanders in the general election.

I am calling on all true Democrats to stop this petty nonsense of trying to vilify Mrs. Clinton on unsubstantiated claims. This is what we do in democracy, we fight it out. But, let’s do it only with facts and not speculation.

In the end what every true Dem should want is a Dem POTUS in 2016. Whether that is Hillary or Bernie, we shall see. But, the hysterical headlines, the complete lying on twitter need to stop.


#Burned Out? #Hillary Can’t Win. Media Bias Is Out Of Control


Ok, if you are anything like me, or value my opinion you’ll want to read this. Since you are here I know you want to know what I am talking about.

The media bias in this election is out of control. I wrote a piece about the 25 year media vendetta against Hillary Clinton and I still believe strongly in that. All the GOP smears never ended up proving fault, illegal behavior, or any evidence of anything done wrong by Sec. Clinton. Did the media, ever even once, attempt to clarify this? NO.

This is why Mrs. Clinton has a ‘cloud of suspicion’ over her head. Unproven allegations and no media outlet saying each and every allegation has been proven false. This bias has morphed directly into her 2016 presidential bid.

Now, today, Bernie Sanders is receiving outrageous treatment. Every reputable news outlet is saying ‘he is done,’ ‘he is berned out,’ he has lost and needs to go home.’ The headlines are endless. All saying Mr. Sanders has already lost the nomination.

I hate inaccuracy in reporting. Reporting must be telling people the facts. That not only no longer exists, it is a pipe dream.

What thinking people know is that we don’t know what will happen next. We will know more on the first Super Tuesday, March 1st. And, even more on the second on March 15th. But, to be writing obituaries now is not only inaccurate it’s dangerous. Why dangerous? Because when people read it’s over for Bernie, or Hillary can’t win, it affects who they will vote for.

Yes, media bias can alter the outcome of our so-called democracy.

Incorrect reporting and incompetent reporters also make me furious. Yesterday I was watching some of the Sunday so-called news shows. ABC ‘News’ reported Mrs. Clinton squeezed by with a win in Nevada. No, actually, she won with a large margin. Close to 6% and over 50% of the vote. We need news sources to tell the truth and report accurately.

Also, on #MTP Bernie Sanders was talking in one breath about his political revolution will change everything and in the other breath saying he lost Nevada because of very low voter turn out. You’d think even the dim Chuck Todd would ask “How can you have a revolution when you can’t get people out to vote?” But, no. Todd, let that statement slide by. Todd’s lack of intelligence and curiosity are astounding.

I want to hear the truth. I don’t hear it. Just because Mr. Sanders lost Nevada doesn’t mean he is done, campaign over with and time to drop out. He lost Nevada. Mrs. Clinton lost New Hampshire. These are facts and need not be turned into a dramatic crisis.

What really irritates me, I think even more than the media bias, is the childish and pettiness going on on twitter between Clinton and Sanders supporters. I really find it astonishing how petty and immature it is. “Clinton cheated to win,” “Sanders is a fraud,” you name it I have heard it.

A message to all of you on twitter who partake in this nonsense: grow up, no one is even listening to you. Learn to speak in facts and not speculation, and remember the goal is to have a Dem POTUS.

Watch Out, Baby Who’s That, Don’t Look… Click And Read


Today I want to talk about the 2016 presidential elections. I already see great media bias against Hillary Clinton.

The news media is watching her every move and criticizing everything she does. It sickens me to hear ‘on her second try at the White House’ basically making out to be a loser who is trying again for an unattainable goal. Did we hear this about Mitt Romney in 2012? No. Did we hear about this with John McCain in 2008? No.

So much sexism is going on it shocks me that more people don’t notice it. “Hillary is a grandmother now, why would she want to run for president?” Again, do we ask this of Romney, McCain, Biden or anyone else? No, we hear it because she is a woman.

There is also so much ageism going on. Talking about how she would be the second oldest person to ever be sworn in as POTUS. It should be no surprise to anyone that women live longer than men and also that life expectancy is longer now than it was in 1980 when Reagan was sworn in.

I seriously think the negativity coming from the media could alter the outcome of the race. I think the medias love affair with then Senator Obama had a hand in his beating her. But, really, Obama did not beat Clinton in 2008. She got 18 million votes, he got 17 million. But with the way the primary math/maps worked Obama won. No, he didn’t steal it from her; that’s the way our broken election system works.

Now, I will declare, I am not sure Hillary is the best person for the job. I want to hear more. How she would get the economy to work for more people. How she could stop, or try to, the disgusting partisanship and paralysis of our government.

That said, I believe very strongly that everyone must vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who it is. The future of the Supreme Court is much too important to leave in the hands of the GOP. SCOTUS is one of the main reasons our political system has turned into pay for play. Seriously turning this country into an oligarchy. I think 4 of the justices will be over 80 and soon to retire in the next four years. A Democrat must, and I repeat, must be the one to replace them.

Back to Hillary. The last 2 presidents we have had have been young, inexperienced and impressionable. When you look at the GOP side with people like Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Walker; they don’t have the experience to be president.

Mrs Clinton, who knows most if not all of the worlds leaders personally,  has seen firsthand for 8 years how deals get done during her husband’s administration, has worked in a bipartisan way in the Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State makes her the most qualified person on earth to be POTUS. How nice would it be if someone was in the White House that knew what they were doing, had a vision for the future, and more importantly know how to make that vision a reality. It would almost be the way our Founding Fathers wanted the presidency to be like!

Why am I not totally sure about Hillary yet? I don’t want to re-live the 1990’s again. Back then I was young and didn’t pay much attention, but everything they did was criticized. Everything. Sometimes I wonder, maybe it’s not Obama’s race that irritates the GOP. Maybe they just are such crybabies that they can’t stand to see a Democrat as president. The torture they put the Clintons through was unprecedented. Accusing them of everything from fraud to murder. They were so desperate to bring Bill Clinton down at any cost. The famous impeachment of Mr. Clinton was unnecessary and actually very harmful to the country.

Yes, while President Clinton was being impeached about having an affair and not being honest about it, which I bet 75% of congress is guilty of the same, a little known group named al Qaeda was planning to attack us. Yes, I am saying that the ridiculous impeachment took everyones eyes off of the growing threat. Perhaps, if the GOP had more interest in ‘Country First’ Clinton could have taken out bin Laden before 9/11.

It’s time to stop all of the Hillary negativity. Wondering why she ate at Chipotle, criticizing her driving in a van instead of hoping on a normal flight like Rubio would. That all needs to stop. Now. Judge Hillary, as I will, on her message and vision. If you don’t like those that’s fair game, that you can question and drill down on. Not how much she earned for each speaking engagement. Did we ever criticize Reagan for his speaking fees?

I want to hear more, I want to know more about what Sec. Clinton has in mind. I don’t want to hear ridiculous bullshit about her eating at Chipotle to appease latinos.

Whatever will be, will be. But, we all must get out and Vote for the Democratic nominee, and all Democratic on the ballot.

** title words courtesy of George Michael

Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

IMG_1521I try to read Peggy’s weekly column in The Wall Street Journal; although I prefer seeing her speaking live and giving her opinions on various Sunday News Shows. I don’t always agree with her, actually I often don’t agree with her. I have a lot of respect for her; she called out Sarah Palin as being unprepared to be VP when no one else was saying that. I like people who tell it like it is, Ms. Noonan does. I try to as well!

Anyway in her column this week she talks about the IRS case and how shockingly little is being done to investigate it. I was shocked to see FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying saying he didn know how many agents were investigating the case, he couldn’t name a single agent who was working on it and didnt even know who was heading up the investigation. Thats mind numbing. The President of the United States says he wants immediate action and a month later the FBI  Director knows nothing of the investigation. Thats shocking and shameful. Peggy also points out that a new CNN poll now shows a 10% increase in the number of people who think the White House was directly involved. There needs to be a thorough and complete transparent investigation on this. The IRS should never be allowed to target any group of people. I am by no means a fan of the Tea Party but they deserve the same consideration as anyone else.

And, where is President Obama? On hearing this news from the FBI Director he should have been outraged and come out forcefully saying, again, this will be top priority. Where is Mr. Obama on a lot of things, explaining what we are doing in Syria and why; why he is ignoring the staggeringly high number of unemployed people; what is his vision for the Country for the next decade, century? What is America’s role in the world today? Those are for different posts but they do address a leadership style that leaves everyone wondering whats going on and who’s in charge. Does anyone yet know how ObamaCare is going to affect them? I don’t.

Back to the investigation of the IRS the reason its so important is because the American people deserve to know what happened, why it happened, who was involved. This issue is going to be incredibly damaging to the Democrats going forward. The Tea Party people are motivated by this, its making them gather more and they might have a more successful election than they did in 2010. Its mobilizing and motivating them; which you cant really blame them for; what if it was Jews that were targeted, or Gays, anyone would be up in arms as they should be.

Most people who read my blog think I am extremely liberal, I dont like labels and consider myself an Independent so you might be surprised reading words that could have come out of Karl Rove’s mouth, but I believe in equality and wont tolerate crimes in Government. I use the word crime for a reason. Whomever did this or was instructed to do this was not only breaking the rules of the IRS they should be considered to have broken the law. I think too many companies, banks, etc when caught doing wrong doing pay stiff fines. I think they should be jailed. The idea of being behind bars is much harsher than paying a big fine and keeping your $12million a year job.

Talk about media bias; I was watching CNN interview someone from the Tea Party who was affected by this, the person from CNN said something about how in the bigger picture should any groups like this get tax exemption status; she rightfully told the interviewer that that is not what the issue at hand is. The issue at hand is why were they targeted.

Personally I think none of them (DEMS, GOP) should get tax exempt status, but that is a question for another day. I highly recommend Democrats getting this issue investigated and out in the open and show a sense of urgency. By not doing so not only are the Tea Party people going to gain strength they will also be able to claim Government doesnt know what its doing.

Act Now!