The Media Still Trying to Kill a Clinton Presidency

Hillary and Bill Clinton at Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa, in September


The media failure and complete bias was worse than ever this weekend. The media proved again that they will do anything they can to kill a Hillary Clinton presidency. Even if they need to stoop to lies, half truths and delinquent reporting.

As I have said in the past, the media and the GOP have been out to get Sec. Clinton since 1992 when she said something about not being the stay at home and baking cookies kind of mother. Ever since then we have heard a continuous feed of accusations, from murdering people to being dishonest to putting National Security at risk.

Years, decades of accusation and not one has been proven to be accurate. Nothing. The media never says “oh yeah, we accused Hillary of murdering people, but turns out we had no proof so therefore she is innocent.”

The media being complicit with the GOP has led to decades of false charges, negative press and character assassination. And, no one is held responsible.

What is different today is that many Dems now believe this narrative; they sound like they are reading GOP talking points. All being led by Bernie Sanders.

Let’s start with the last few days. Sanders ignorantly and arrogantly tried to label Clinton as being bought and owned by large donors at the Clooney fundraiser. Sanders was outraged at the obscene amount of money being raised. Cut to Clooney himself being interviewed on Meet the Press.

Clooney agreed the amounts of money were obscene but told a global TV audience that the bulk of the money from his fundraisers was going to the down ticket Dem races, not to Hillary. He also stated that in order to get money out of politics a major amount of money was needed to fight off the influence of GOP members like the Koch brothers.

Clooney went on to say that he liked Sanders a lot and thought Sanders should stay in the race until the end. When asked why he was backing Clinton over Sanders Clooney spoke in depth about his experience in working with Sec. Clinton and how knowledgeable she was on issues and his confidence that Mrs. Clinton would be the best and most qualified  person to get things done.

Post interview, Sanders response: Clinton is indebted to these big money people. CNN response: to play a clip that stops the Clooney interview at “it’s an obscene amount of money” while cutting off why the money is needed. Countless other media sources reported that Clooney said (only) the money raised was obscene.

It should be noted loudly and clearly that Clinton is raising money for senate and house races while Sanders refuses to. This, another point the media won’t report on.

Minimum Wage, Sanders/GOP Media report that Clinton is flip flopping about what she would like to see as the target. The media doesn’t report this and Sanders and his Zombie followers can’t seem to understand a simple fact. Leading economists think $15/hour could seriously damage many county economies. So, Mrs. Clinton is striving for a $12/hour wage for everywhere and those that can afford go as high as possible.

This is the same position Elizabeth Warren has taken. Recently NY State has instituted a $15/hour wage to take effect over 5 years. Each year they will evaluate if the higher wages hurt economic growth and adjust the wages by economic realities.

This isn’t a hard concept to understand. But when you have the media ignoring the facts and Sanders erroneously stating Clinton is changing her stance it’s almost impossible to get the facts out. Primarily because no one wants to hear the facts.

The meme of the super delegates are stacked against Bernie is preposterous.  If you do some research you’ll know that those super delegates don’t vote until all primaries are over, so nothing is stacked in anyone’s favor. Again, hard to get facts out when both Bernie and media are misrepresenting facts.

I’d like to see a media that reported facts, not just snippets to boost their ratings. I’d like to think fellow Dems would want to know the whole truth, not just listen to fairytales they want to hear. That is not reality in our world today.

My advice? Get out and Vote that is the best way to move things forward. Also, try to be curious and want to learn more information.

More to come