#MediaFail: We Might As Well Be In North Korea With State Run TV News


Seeing what’s been going on so far this election is outrageous. Our so called ‘news media’ is anything but. They do not ask the tough pertinent questions, they don’t inform viewers and most outrageously they are deliberately trying to change the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election by spinning negative stories about certain candidates.

Let’s start with Sec. Clinton. I have never seen so many unnecessarily negative articles about one person. The media is planting the seed that she is ‘untrustworthy’. They report on her high negative ratings, but fail to mention all of the candidates have high unfavorables. They never clarify that the years of investigation over Benghazi, longer than Watergate, were a witch hunt solely for the purpose of destroying Mrs. Clinton. The emails? Have we heard one article speak the truth that there was no wrong doing, there was no breaking the rules and this is a non-story. No, they report on it daily, as if something was there. No research done to show this was a non story. President Obama said her using private email was a mistake?  Where was he when he was receiving emails from her private account for 4 years and said nothing?

One of the favorites of the press is to say how Bernie Sanders is such a big threat to Clinton. They show poll numbers showing her lead diminishing. What they don’t tell you is that they are talking about polls in just New Hampshire and Iowa. In the rest of the Country Sec Clinton is dominating all of her competition by large margins.

That brings me to Bernie Sanders. It does seem like the media either completely ignores him or looks only for issues he is vulnerable on. Yes Senator Sanders is a non traditional candidate, but it seems like that’s what the Country wants. The only articles I see about him are about his trouble with black people, guns, and his temper. I have yet to see an article talking about his policy, how effective he could be. What kind of changes he could make in this Country and how our Country could be better off. Just like with Hillary, it’s all negative.

Instead of news, research and information our so called news media centers solely around ratings. Getting the candidates to fight with each other, getting them to have a gaffe or being caught flat footed.

Martin O’Malley. Who? Zero media coverage.

On the GOP side it’s even worse. All any of them report on 24/7 is Trump. Good for ratings, but informing the public? No.

Trump is a character and I have to admit I enjoy watching him. He is like the car crash you can’t look away from.

I know since the media really only talks about Trump that has forced Walker and Perry out of the race. I predict Jindal to be next. But, just like with Hillary and Bernie, is the media covering what positions each candidate has and how they would implement them? Do they fact check Carly and let us know she lies about everything? There was no Planned Parenthood video. She continues to double down on her original lie. Does the media tell us that when she says she doubled the earnings of HP it is because she bought Compaq? No.

Do we ever hear about Huckabee’s consistent hypocrisy? His coming to the side of the clerk in KY who broke national laws just so he could pander? Does the press ever talk about his sons who tortured and killed innocent puppies? No. Why is that important? How your kids turn out is a direct result of how you are as a parent.

All of our news does come from 6 media conglomerate. It certainly seems like they want a Republican in the White House. The media has the power to manipulate things: Hillary is untrustworthy, Sanders we will ignore until he goes away in the meantime piling on with negative press about both of them.

If we aren’t getting valuable, impartial, in-depth news on each and every candidate we all might as well be living in Iran or North Korea where the government decides what information people here.

They are dictators, we are Oligarchs. Not much difference, really.


News Media Fail ** The United States Is Turning Into North Korea

IMG_0091The last few days have been the latest example of how the so-called news media fails our Country, doesn’t do its job and pretty much only focusses on the newest shiny object they see. The relentless coverage of the “historic” “deadly” “life changing” Blizzard is just the showing of the low point of news media in the U.S.

The news media had always been referred to as the 4th estate of the U.S. government. Keeping America informed and keeping its leaders to upholding the truth. In its heyday, the news media brought down a president of the United States of America. Today, it’s CNN Breaking News: it’s snowing. Such a sad state of affairs which hurts just about everyone.

It is a reality and a disgrace that the news media has to focus on profit instead of informing the public. Having the best news used to be a symbol of a great organization. Now it’s all about the bottom line. How much money do they bring in and how to get higher ratings. Really, it’s devastating.

Where has the news media been since 2008 financial meltdown and modern day American Depression? Why has no news outlet fully looked into what exactly happened, why, and how to prevent it in the future? The point would not be to put blame on president Bush, the point would be to see what led to this calamity. President Clinton was involved with his deregulating laws that were put in place after the original Great Depression in the 1920s/30s. Again, the goal is not to ruin Bill Clinton, the goal is for the American people to never have to go through such tragedy.

The news media should be challenging all presidential administrations, whether they be Democrats or Republicans. We all know they failed us on challenging the perfectly orchestrated lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Perhaps if they had done their jobs American people might not have been for that war. And, do not forget, in 2003 Americans were behind that war.

The news media needs to be there to inform, get the truth out and then the American public can decide, by voting, what they want to do. Instead what we get is pandering to get interviews by only saying the talking points the people being interviewed want told.

This is outrageous. This puts the United States in the same league as North Korea. We aren’t hearing the truth, and neither do they. The extremes might be a different, but the concept is the same. “Tell the people what YOU want them to hear/understand/believe. What a disgrace.

Some examples. Many, including myself, have relentlessly condemned the White House for not explaining what #ACA was, how it would work, what the plusses and minuses were of the law. I still blame president Obama for not better articulating this new law and also its massive failure in NYC. But, I equally blame the media. Why weren’t they there to read through the law, report on it, challenge the administration? To me, that’s unacceptable. Not one word from any news outlet about the ACA looked at and judged in its entirety. President Obama himself has said there are many things that can be improved. The news media could have brought them to the forefront.

Another example of complete and total media failure is the state of the U.S. economy today. The media hangs on the headlines that are given and don’t look deeper. They don’t ask why 90% of the Country is extremely anxious about the economy and job security. They don’t mention there are some 40 million unemployed people not included in the 5.6% unemployment rate. They rarely mention that the so called thriving economy and job creation has created predominately much lower paying full time jobs and millions of part time jobs. Their lack of giving the public real news is detrimental to our future. If we looked at this honestly today we could try to fix it.

It’s not to blame president Obama, it’s to make the future better for all of us. When people are out of work, working part time, or earning significantly lower wages the economy stalls, like ours is now. If consumers, workers, don’t have the money to buy things companies don’t hire and there is a downward spiral.

The examples of news media failure are endless. What really happened on 9/11? Why are those 28 pages of the 9/11 report still redacted? Why aren’t we informed that the U.S. created al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIL? If we knew these things we could make better decisions as voters.

As it’s going, we here in the U.S. are fed information that is at best half truthful, non investigated and informative. How does this make us any different than Iran and North Korea?