What Every One Missed Tuesday And Today And More

IMG_3399Tuesday night’s election results were a stinging loss for the tea party and the radical right wing. Even Chris Christie’s win showed moderates could be voted in strongly. The win in VA was a clear defeat for the tea party. Is this just backlash from shutting down the government  or a real move away from the radical non compromising right that has left this Country paralyzed. What was briefly mentioned in the news was that all the exit polls at all the locations said people’s top concern is still the economy and their jobs. This has been the case for over 3 years. What are our elected officials doing about what the people want them to be working on? They are ignoring it completely. President Obama uses empty rhetoric about pivoting to jobs but he has never done it. He barely mentions job creation; the last bill he came up with for jobs was in September 2011. Two years ago. That’s unacceptable. Especially since the American public has for more than 2 years said their top priority was jobs and economy. Now everyone knows its not the presidents job to create jobs, job creation bills come from the Congress. This Congress is filled with people who care little about the American public and only themselves and their jobs. I’d still like to hear Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid mention a job creation bill. So, what was the take away from Tuesday? Not what the American people said, just the overall politics of the races and what it means for 2014 and 2016.

What did people miss today about the jobs report? Umm, that it sucked. Creating 200,000 jobs is barely breaking even. And the fact that we have the New Normal of thinking this is positive news is an extremely worrisome sign. We need job growth of 500,000 per month for a year to get people back to work. People wonder why so many people are on government assistance like food stamps; its because they can’t find jobs. Some have jobs and still can’t afford food. For those that think the cruelty of cutting aid to people who need it should really take a closer look at the jobs situation. Workforce participation dropped again this report; that means that more and more people are giving up looking for work. All of those people are eventually going to be subsidized by the government. Why not invest that money now so they can get jobs, support themselves, lift their self esteem, and also bring in more revenue to the government. Seems simple, but no.

In other news, are we seriously close to signing a deal with Iran when inspectors haven’t been in their country yet? The sanctions are working, make them stronger and tighter and push for an immediate Syria like inspection and removal. Lightening up sanctions now is the wrong things to do. I hate to agree with Dick Cheney, but in this case I do.

ACA continues to haunt the president and the democratic party. I am still flabbergasted why Obama didn’t hire someone PR firm to inform the public all of the benefits of the program, 3 years ago. They should be hiring a crisis management team now. Remember when George W. was selling the Iraq war? He had his entire team out there week after week on the Sunday talk shows. Cheney, Powell, Rice the whole crew. Couldn’t Obama have taken that kind of route to inform people how this would benefit them? Or send out doctors, business people, spread the word that this will be good for them.

Consumer confidence fell last month by the most it ever had according to Gallup. GDP for the U.S. is 70% consumer spending. when consumers lose confidence they spend less. Their lowered spending has direct impact on growth. Predictions by economists are saying this years Holiday season will have the slowest rise in spending since 2009, that’s not good. What’s the solution to confidence, economic fears, job loss concerns? Simple, a multi year massive jobs creation bill.


Vladimir Now Is Your Chance to be a Big-Shot *** Why U.S. Is Against Strikes

IMG_0221Today’s developments have been quite interested. John Kerry’s off the cuff remark about Assad giving up all of his WMD, then Russia agreeing is pretty remarkable. As we all know Putin wants to be a “player” on the world’s stage. And now he can be. If he immediately steps up and says he personally will head up the effort to remove all WMD from Syria; including other world powers, the UN and the U.S. to verify all the weapons are gone, Putin raises his power as a world leader. If he can get the United States to not strike that is a huge accomplishment. Having Syria WMD free would make the world a much safer place. Putin should take this and run with it. I think if Syria gives up, and it can be proven, all WMD thats punishment enough and no need for U.S. strikes. Putin could do this and he certainly would be more respected if he acted on this. He’d also get to do what he loves doing, making Obama look bad.

Btw, why wasnt this idea articulated by Barack Obama in the first place; saying that he would authorize military attacks if Assad didn’t give up all of his WMD. Again I see a lack of leadership from Mr. Obama. Wait 2 years, then come out guns a blazing to strike? Seems like there is no strategy or Doctrine at all.

And, why are so many Americans against these possibly strikes? Its not just that we are war weary; its that we have no confidence in the military leadership or our presidents knowledge of how to use the military. This goes back to October 2001 when we invaded Afghanistan, yes we toppled the Taliban. Then we up and left, took our assets and attention to toppling Saddam. We easily did that then watched as the Iraqi’s looted museums started a civil war. What happened to the Powell Doctrine of going in with overwhelming military power. Who in their right minds would think we could take 2 countries and make them democracies? It seems like we had no plan. None for Iraq, none for Afghanistan.

Instead, if our presidents and their military advisors had gone into Afghanistan toppled the Taliban; left troops there for counter terrorism and were out in a year. And if Iraq had to have happened we should have gone in with 500,000 troops to keep law and order, toppled Saddam kept the violence from happening and then left there 6 months later we all might have a better view of what can be accomplished. This isnt just about Bush, Obama also had his own surge and nothing is getting better. In my scenario if we were successfully out of Afghanistan and Iraq by 2004 and the missions were a success we might feel differently about U.S. involvement. People talk about having no trust in government; how about no trust in how the government uses the military. I think thats what many of us have lost faith in.

So my advice today is to Vladimir Putin, who I know reads my blog daily (I have many viewers from The Russian Federation) step up, take ownership of this. Get the WMD out of Syria and destroyed. Show the world who the real leader is. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. #DoIT #Peace

I Have To Weigh In On Syria #GinsburgView

Image 6Its so frustrating watching alleged news shows like Meet the Press when the moderator asks the wrong questions; its not just that show its almost every news show. Maybe its me, I have always thought of and seen things differently than most people, I guess thats what people mean when they say I have a unique ‘voice.’ Ok first question for the Chief of Staff, how can this be a short targeted mission? Assad is desperate and doesnt want to end up like Saddam so he will fight until the end. My guess is that Assad uses chemical weapons more and more. What is Obama’s stance on future usage? We strike again? These people, including Hezbollah and Iran hate us; if I were them I’d use chemical weapons monthly and drag the U.S. into a never ending war. Why wasnt this asked? It seems there is no direct proven link that Assad gave the order or if one of his people did. Some even think the opposition used them.  So we as a Country are getting into a war that has no end game and could go on for years.

Barack Obama has really messed this up; from ignoring the first chemical attack over a year ago, to a few weeks ago beating the drums of war, saying he doesnt need Congress to act, to sending Kerry out there comparing this Adolf Hitler. Making it seem like a strike was imminent to doing a complete U-turn and asking Congress for support. A Congress that has never given him support. I cant think of a worse position for a president to be in. The UK voted down military action, the American people are strongly against any action; and no one in the world has stood up and said they would help. If Congress votes no and Obama doesnt act he will be a lame duck for the rest of his presidency. If he does act and this continues for a long duration, or isnt effective he will also look bad. I dont get it, after ignoring Syria for 2 years why is he now in such a hurry? He should have just done it then come to the American people and explained what he did, we would have stood behind him.  Rather, he is in a lose/lose situation.

At first I supported his plan, I thought when an American president says something he should follow through. Now I have changed my mind, we should not do anything. Peggy Noonan had a great column this week in The Wall Street Journal, she pointed out we dont have to have a strike in order to show the world we mean what we say. And we don’t. If Obama wants to take action there are other ways of doing it, it doesnt have to be militarily. Someone on one of the Sunday shows said something about how we could ‘think out of the box’ as to what should be done. When you have Iran saying the use of chemical weapons is wrong, Iran, you know you pretty much have the worlds consensus that its wrong.

As I see it we dont have a clear mission, we dont have solid proof Assad gave the order and we have a Country saying no.

Feel free to weigh in if you feel differently!

Keeping Up, Not Getting Ahead Not Enough Jobs

The economy continues to add jobs in proportion to population growth. Nothing less, nothing more. http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/03/keeping-up-not-getting-ahead/?hp

This is an article from todays New York Times, please follow the link to finish reading it. I was just about to sit down and write a very similar piece and then I saw this. It blows my mind; all the top news media is reporting todays jobs report like we are finally out of the woods and everything is great. We are only creating enough jobs to keep up with population growth, thats it. The overall unemployment number went up to 13.9%. We have an unemployment crisis and its being completely ignored by President Obama, Congress, and the Media for the most part.

Debates ** Jim Lehrer ** My Take

I know this posting is a bit untimely but I have been busy the last few days since the debate and havent had time to sit down and write this. I have been meaning to. I found last weeks debate disturbing, not only in the way it was moderated, but also the hyper hysterical media response which I feel lifted Romney’s campaign unjustifiably. I watch the first hour of the debate; heard both of them bickering back and forth with talking points I’d heard many times before, frankly I was completely bored. I didnt see Romney as this new take charge character and I didnt see Obama as tired and weak. I saw, more of the same. So I stopped watching, missed the last 30 mins and went to bed. I was rather surprised to see the screaming headlines how Romney won and was a new man.

Let me start with what bothered me the most: Jim Lehrer and the way he moderated the debate. Throwing questions out to candidates saying ‘what do you think of what he said about your policy’ is an absurd way to find out information, it just gives time for long monologues that are untruthful. What I wanted to see was an extremely well prepared moderator who had facts, research, studies sitting in front of him while he was asking questions. Some of the questions I would have liked to have seen:

To Romney: You are proposing a 20%  tax cut for everyone in the country that comes to $5T and $2T extra in military spending; if you closed every loophole for every person in the country you wouldnt be able to pay for this. You would either add to the debt or have to raise taxes,  please explain.

To Obama: During the last 4 years job growth has been extremely slow, GDP has been extremely weak, and there are record numbers of unemployed people. Can you please tell us what you would do during the next four years that you failed to do during the first 4 years. And please dont talk about where we started, what you inherited; our economy has been stagnant for about 2 years and you have been unable to make it grow; please explain in specifics what your plan is to tackle longterm unemployment and grow GDP.

To Romney: Throughout your campaign you have talked about repealing Obama Care; you said on 60 minutes that we already have a system in place where people can call an ambulance and go to the ER. Is that your plan or can you tell us exactly would you replace it with and what would you do with the benefits people are already starting to see while you go through the long road of trying to repeal an active bill. Why wouldnt you take the bill and try to work in a bi partisan way to make the existing bill better.

To Obama: You recently said on 60 minutes that when in the White House you spend time with your family that you arent like other politicians who work the phones. Do you think if you had worked the phone and reached out more and made more allies that there wouldnt have been such obstruction to your proposals.

To Romney: You have been very successful in business, we keep hearing about investments all over the world, tax havens and that kind of thing, with all of it being legal. Why didnt you take the opportunity to tell the American public how people of significant means can avoid paying taxes and use that tremendous megaphone to close those deductions for the most fortunate of us all.

Those are just a few examples of what the evening could have looked like. I would also like definitive analysis of the stimulus in 2009 and have Mr. Lehrer state exactly how many jobs were created from it, how many jobs were saved from it; to find out how successful it was. The American people need to hear facts; if the stimulus was effective, why not have another? If it wasnt effective, why wasnt it. Instead the debate allowed Mitt Romney to make up a whole new storyline about his tax plan. This isnt a good way for us to learn more; it might be good showmanship but thats not what we need at this point.

We had a chance with one of the most respected journalists in the Country to have a civil fact based conversation about differing views. We could have learned something, we could have learned what,  factually, they have in mind for the future. Instead we had a boring exchange of talking points. This is extremely disappointing.

Obama Gets an F in Messaging and it Might Cost him the Election

Bill Clinton has been in the spotlight the last few weeks, first being dissed for saying Romney has a ‘sterling’ business record, now he is out campaigning with Obama. This morning I read in the Washington Post that Bill Clinton thinks all tax cuts should be kept in place temporarily. Bill also makes clear positive statements about the successes of the Obama administration. Hearing all of this makes me wish we could have Bill back for another term or 2. Bill is such a gifted politician, he is so good at articulating a message and he has the leadership to come out and say extend the tax cuts, the economy isn’t strong enough for tax increases on anyone. Since we can’t have Bill back all of this has me pretty pissed off about Obama and his team. Before I start let me make very clear, Mitt Romney would be a horrible president and I in no way endorse him. Back to Obama; I do think he has had many successes, but he seems unable to get his message out. As I have said many times on here I think his team is horrible at messaging, they have no enthusiasm, they pick stupid things to argue about and should all be let go. Barack is like a professor, I believe he is making all of the correct decisions regarding the military, the economy, the war on terror. I can’t think of one thing I have disagreed with him on. But I don’t see him as a leader, I don’t see him getting his message to the people. I don’t see him trying to boost the American public’s mood and trust.  So, he is the professor who is good behind the scenes but his lack of articulation is disturbing and could very well cost him the election.

A friend on twitter recommended Obama hire James Carville; that would be excellent! Carville is animated, positive, articulate.  He would be a fantastic voice for the campaign. Btw, I love his wife, Mary Matlin the Republican strategist, she always has a good answer no matter what question is thrown at her, she never misses a beat. I don’t agree with her but respect her talent. So far the Republicans have painted a picture of a failing economy and blamed it completely on Obama, and Obama is letting him do it. The American people hear the message, economy sucks fire Obama. But its not quite that simple. Obama has some jobs bills that would create about 2 million jobs; if the Republicans would approve the bills more people would be working now. Romney’s campaign manager was on Fox News Sunday last week and Chris Wallace asked him no fewer than 3 times if Romney would urge the Republicans in Congress to pass the bills to get 2 million people back to work. Each and every time he dodged the questions. The Republicans in congress  blocking jobs bills are more responsible for the lackluster recovery than Obama is. Not to mention the fiasco with the debt ceiling; this political stunt by the Republicans caused the economy to slow down, jobs were lost and the credit rating of the country was down graded for the first time in our history. From day one the Republicans decided to block each and everything Obama did. I personally think that his race had something to do with it, but I have no proof.

So, here we are, the Republicans in Congress have blocked all measures to make the economy better; they blame the mess on Obama and its working. What to do is the question? Bill Clinton is the best surrogate for Obama but he can’t be everywhere and the only voice coming out of the campaign. Obama and Biden need to stop talking about piddly measures like raising taxes for people that earn over $1m per year; that won’t raise much money and it does have a ring of class war fare. The entire tax code should be changed, and yes, the more you earn the higher your tax bracket should be.  The Obama team should be on Red Alert now; they need to get enthusiastic articulate people to go out and talk about the successes he has accomplished; creating 4m new jobs, saving the auto industry, etc. And these people need to talk about how we would be doing much better if the Republicans didn’t block everything.  The message needs to come from vibrant and enthusiastic people, not dull talking professors.   I wish Obama read my blog!  If anyone knows him have him read it!

When Is It Going To Change — Lets Change It Ourselves @GinsburgJobs #LongtermUnemployment

Everywhere I look I see bad news for job seekers; whether its the monthly jobs report that says the number of unemployed people has not decreased in months; whether its this mornings WSJ article from economist predicting a year of tepid growth, not enough to create many jobs.  Yesterdays NYT had as extremely interesting and tragic opinion piece written by well respected economists called ‘The Human Disaster of Unemployment” that went into great detail about the young and old are the ones who suffer most, are least likely to be re-hired and called it ‘nothing short of a national emergency.’  The article also linked long term diseases, cancer, and life expectancy to being unemployed.  Here is the link if you want to read it http://nyti.ms/ITOoDJ .  Pew just put out a study that drew a devastating picture for the long term unemployed and their ability to get back into the workforce.  Its the first study that I have seen that actually found that older workers 45-54 and 55+ are having the hardest time and are the least likely to be rehired.  (If anyone wants this study I can email it to you).  Surprisingly, to me anyway, it also found that the more education you have the harder time you will have finding a job.  High school drop outs are less likely to be long term employed than college grads.  Now if you add into the equation the volatility in Europe, Greece no one has any good predictions the economy in the short or long term.  No one has any thoughts that the long term unemployed will find jobs.  Paul Krugman has labeled this time as the ‘The United States is in the 5th Year of a Depression.’

So, knowing all this, what to do?  Smile, keep your chin held high, keep trying, network; and keep doing that on and on.  I am extremely disappointed in Obama, he talks about ‘jobs’ but its not realistic talk, a highway restoration bill will not help 20 million people.  And Mitt Romney, not a word about how he would create jobs. Someone in a position of authority needs to address and tackle this ‘National Emergency’.  No one in the news media has looked into the subject of the long term unemployed?

Lets try to make a difference ourselves, be heard ourselves.  Anyone that wants to join me on twitter contact me at @GinsburgJobs and use the hashtag #LongtermUnemployed.  At the very least we could have a count of people that are in the same position and force the news media and politicians to address the issue.  Lets do it!