I Have To Weigh In On Syria #GinsburgView

Image 6Its so frustrating watching alleged news shows like Meet the Press when the moderator asks the wrong questions; its not just that show its almost every news show. Maybe its me, I have always thought of and seen things differently than most people, I guess thats what people mean when they say I have a unique ‘voice.’ Ok first question for the Chief of Staff, how can this be a short targeted mission? Assad is desperate and doesnt want to end up like Saddam so he will fight until the end. My guess is that Assad uses chemical weapons more and more. What is Obama’s stance on future usage? We strike again? These people, including Hezbollah and Iran hate us; if I were them I’d use chemical weapons monthly and drag the U.S. into a never ending war. Why wasnt this asked? It seems there is no direct proven link that Assad gave the order or if one of his people did. Some even think the opposition used them.  So we as a Country are getting into a war that has no end game and could go on for years.

Barack Obama has really messed this up; from ignoring the first chemical attack over a year ago, to a few weeks ago beating the drums of war, saying he doesnt need Congress to act, to sending Kerry out there comparing this Adolf Hitler. Making it seem like a strike was imminent to doing a complete U-turn and asking Congress for support. A Congress that has never given him support. I cant think of a worse position for a president to be in. The UK voted down military action, the American people are strongly against any action; and no one in the world has stood up and said they would help. If Congress votes no and Obama doesnt act he will be a lame duck for the rest of his presidency. If he does act and this continues for a long duration, or isnt effective he will also look bad. I dont get it, after ignoring Syria for 2 years why is he now in such a hurry? He should have just done it then come to the American people and explained what he did, we would have stood behind him.  Rather, he is in a lose/lose situation.

At first I supported his plan, I thought when an American president says something he should follow through. Now I have changed my mind, we should not do anything. Peggy Noonan had a great column this week in The Wall Street Journal, she pointed out we dont have to have a strike in order to show the world we mean what we say. And we don’t. If Obama wants to take action there are other ways of doing it, it doesnt have to be militarily. Someone on one of the Sunday shows said something about how we could ‘think out of the box’ as to what should be done. When you have Iran saying the use of chemical weapons is wrong, Iran, you know you pretty much have the worlds consensus that its wrong.

As I see it we dont have a clear mission, we dont have solid proof Assad gave the order and we have a Country saying no.

Feel free to weigh in if you feel differently!


Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

IMG_1521I try to read Peggy’s weekly column in The Wall Street Journal; although I prefer seeing her speaking live and giving her opinions on various Sunday News Shows. I don’t always agree with her, actually I often don’t agree with her. I have a lot of respect for her; she called out Sarah Palin as being unprepared to be VP when no one else was saying that. I like people who tell it like it is, Ms. Noonan does. I try to as well!

Anyway in her column this week she talks about the IRS case and how shockingly little is being done to investigate it. I was shocked to see FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying saying he didn know how many agents were investigating the case, he couldn’t name a single agent who was working on it and didnt even know who was heading up the investigation. Thats mind numbing. The President of the United States says he wants immediate action and a month later the FBI  Director knows nothing of the investigation. Thats shocking and shameful. Peggy also points out that a new CNN poll now shows a 10% increase in the number of people who think the White House was directly involved. There needs to be a thorough and complete transparent investigation on this. The IRS should never be allowed to target any group of people. I am by no means a fan of the Tea Party but they deserve the same consideration as anyone else.

And, where is President Obama? On hearing this news from the FBI Director he should have been outraged and come out forcefully saying, again, this will be top priority. Where is Mr. Obama on a lot of things, explaining what we are doing in Syria and why; why he is ignoring the staggeringly high number of unemployed people; what is his vision for the Country for the next decade, century? What is America’s role in the world today? Those are for different posts but they do address a leadership style that leaves everyone wondering whats going on and who’s in charge. Does anyone yet know how ObamaCare is going to affect them? I don’t.

Back to the investigation of the IRS the reason its so important is because the American people deserve to know what happened, why it happened, who was involved. This issue is going to be incredibly damaging to the Democrats going forward. The Tea Party people are motivated by this, its making them gather more and they might have a more successful election than they did in 2010. Its mobilizing and motivating them; which you cant really blame them for; what if it was Jews that were targeted, or Gays, anyone would be up in arms as they should be.

Most people who read my blog think I am extremely liberal, I dont like labels and consider myself an Independent so you might be surprised reading words that could have come out of Karl Rove’s mouth, but I believe in equality and wont tolerate crimes in Government. I use the word crime for a reason. Whomever did this or was instructed to do this was not only breaking the rules of the IRS they should be considered to have broken the law. I think too many companies, banks, etc when caught doing wrong doing pay stiff fines. I think they should be jailed. The idea of being behind bars is much harsher than paying a big fine and keeping your $12million a year job.

Talk about media bias; I was watching CNN interview someone from the Tea Party who was affected by this, the person from CNN said something about how in the bigger picture should any groups like this get tax exemption status; she rightfully told the interviewer that that is not what the issue at hand is. The issue at hand is why were they targeted.

Personally I think none of them (DEMS, GOP) should get tax exempt status, but that is a question for another day. I highly recommend Democrats getting this issue investigated and out in the open and show a sense of urgency. By not doing so not only are the Tea Party people going to gain strength they will also be able to claim Government doesnt know what its doing.

Act Now!

What’s The Best Way to Achieve Marriage Equality

IMG_0666You cant get away from it, the news everywhere today is all about same sex marriage, what the Supremes will do; tomorrow the news and coverage will be all about DOMA and if its constitutional. If you read my last blog posting you will know I am in complete support of total equality in every way, including marriage. But, an interesting question has been brought up; whats the best way to accomplish equal rights for gays and non-gays alike. People refer back to Roe v Wade, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that ruling was over reaching. If the SCOTUS rules that same sex marriage is a constitutional right for everyone will this matter become the topic of endless debate 40 years from now? That obviously isnt an optimal outcome. People like Peggy Noonan from The Wall Street Journal say let things slow down; the momentum is there, Americans are more and more supporting same sex marriage and to let it happen in time. Her premise is that a court ruling would have a worse effect. It could harden opponents positions and make people feel like same sex marriage is being pushed down their throats. Unfortunately this argument carries some weight. Close minded people could see a ruling by the Supremes as infringing on their civil liberties. This is what happens when you are living in a nation that is filled with small minded bigoted people. The kind of people that think the world is flat and evolution is just a theory.

The Constitution was written such that the court system would be the counter weight to a majority rule society. That the SCOTUS branch of government is there to protect minority groups when no one else will. It is completely obvious that same sex marriage and gay rights are a given right of every American. But, when things happen too fast is the backlash counterproductive? In reality, probably. When you live in a country where people hate the president because of his color, and make up myriads of excuses to disagree and disrespect him it shouldnt be a surprise to anyone that these same people would be against gay rights and marriage. That somehow same sex marriage would be a religious catastrophe but getting multiple divorces (Newt) is fine; you know the type the ones who pick and choose what part of the bible they obey and what part they dont. Very interesting to me, who is  non religious, the new Pope emphasizes helping the needy and the poor.

In my mind this is a no brainer; the court should rule that all citizens be treated equally, period. Its a very easy call. But in the long run are gays and same sex marriage supporters better off having a half win at the court; then let the natural progression of things happen as more and more people support same sex marriage is that the better way to go? Over 75% of people under 30 approve of same sex marriage. Even for Evangelicals 60% under 30 years old approve. As George Will said, the opposition is literally dying off. So, whats the answer? How do u best deal with a group of bigoted small minded people. Thats a tough one. As a gay man who is married to another man I am obviously in full support. I love the idea of young kids growing up knowing it doesnt matter if they are gay or non-gay they have the same opportunities and are able to have any kind of future they want. To me that is more important than what I personally go through or want as a right of law.

In a grown up society with intelligent people the answer is simple: treat all citizens as equals under the Constitution. As a divided country filled with people full of hate slower might be the better route. I think the way our Country was set up including the Constitution and Declaration of Independence the Supreme Court of the United States should rule in favor of equality for all, thats what this country was founded on and those are our principles. Its time to set aside the bigoted set and do what’s right for people.

How Do You Make Political Decisions

This question came to me while tweeting this morning. It seems like a number of people make decisions by listening to other liked minded people. This could include friends, political opinion TV or radio shows or other methods that just reinforce your current beliefs. Its all too easy in this day and age to get the kind of news and opinions we seek out and have them reinforced by our behavior of watching Rush, Glen, Sean, Keith. This way of decision making is tragic, lazy and extremely damaging. Whatever your political views are when was the last time you listened closely to someone from the ‘other side’ who is making a fact based coherent point? I believe far too many people don’t do that enough, or ever actually. The lack of people making up their own minds by seeking out the facts is what is bringing this Country to the brink of disaster. As I have said many times on my blog, I don’t think the people of this Country are all that divided in what they seek out of life. I believe politicians exaggerate and lie to get people all worked up about things that don’t exist, simply so those politicians can keep their jobs, be reelected and save people from the ‘evil’ other side. The media is all too happy to pick up there and exaggerate these differences with breathless polarizing coverage. After all, the medias goal is not to inform, its to make a profit. So what spews out of Rush, Keith, Sean mouths all serve the purpose of their employers with better ratings, themselves with bigger egos and paychecks. But who is the loser here? The American Public. But its also completely their fault for falling into the trap and not being more proactive in finding what the truth is.

For me personally I like hearing all sides of an issue. I like hearing what George Will has to say just as much as I like hearing what James Carville thinks. I like hearing opinions from people who have studied the situation, who are respected in their fields and present an argument that makes sense. Someone on twitter this morning was so far left wing that he was appalled that I had tweeted Peggy Noonan’s column, he thought she was a right wing zealot. She is far from that. She is intelligent, well spoken, fact based and I enjoy hearing what she has to say. I don’t always agree but, thats not the point. Being more informed is the point. Every indicator points to declines in the US, whether they are academic, life expectancy, cost of healthcare, infrastructure. Basically this country is falling to shit because of the polarization thats occurring. I was just reading an article in The Washington Post outlining how the GOP debt ceiling fight made the country’s job creating lose its momentum; it was also the reason for the first downgrade of our credit rating. The main reason of the downgrade was the dysfunction in Congress. To prove a point the GOP lead House was directly responsible for slowing job creation, slowing the economy, lowering GDP and having our credit rating lowered. This kind of behavior should be treasonous.  The GOP also has blocked each and every bill thats come from the Democratic Party, simply so they can make President Obama look like a failure and be a one term president. This also should be treasonous, with people being prosecuted and sent to jail. This isn’t simply an attack on the GOP, I am sure the Dems have done their share and should be held to the same standard and receive the same prosecution.

But, what all this really boils down to is an American public that is lazy in their thinking, only want to hear from people who agree and reinforce their own beliefs. So its pretty much anyone thats reading this could be responsible for the mess we are all in. I would like to change the world, as I say in my profile. For now whomever is reading this open your minds and hear all sides of an issue and decide whats in your best interest, because whats going on now is hurting us all!