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I was watching Meet the Press this past Sunday and saw Chuck Todd interview Jeb Bush. The entire interview was about Jeb’s drop in the polls. Why was he dropping, why wasn’t he the frontrunner, what does this say about his future Todd kept asking. I kept longing for Todd to ask “how would you safely get us out of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria?” Or, “the numbers look good on the economy but they aren’t good for every day Americans, they are earning less working more and tens of millions of uncounted unemployed people, how specifically would you address this?”

But, no. All he asked were unimportant irrelevant questions. This is what our media has become. No substance, just about producing ratings. It is very much a shame in that the American people aren’t being educated so they can make informed make decisions. And, the candidates don’t have to talk about anything specific.

Everyone is talking about the CNBC debate and the GOP candidates getting together to make demands of the media before the next debate. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The news media is supposed to be the 4th estate of the U.S. government. They should never give in to the demands of any candidate. As President Obama said last night, how could these crybabies ever deal with Putin if they can’t deal with CNBC moderators?

So true.

The CNBC debate wasn’t as much of a fiasco as everyone has made it out to be. But, the debate itself was set up very poorly. Five or 6 different people asking questions? That’s too many people. Asking Trump if his candidacy was like a comic book character, asking Jeb why his numbers are dropping. See above. The audience wants substance, not BS.

The point is really no longer about if George Bush made the wrong decision invading Iraq (YES he did) or if Obama’s seemingly lack of strategy has made the situation worse (probably); the point is how do we fix it. How would each candidate fix the messes we are involved in. Sorry Mr. Trump, staring down your rivals won’t change anything.

If you look at the candidates from the GOP I am hard pressed to find one acceptable candidate. Sure, Trump and Christie make me laugh with the ridiculous things they say, but they aren’t suitable. Carly? How many times does this woman have to lie for people to get it. She shamelessly plays the gender card by saying ‘Hillary’ ever other word. Carson, Huckabee, Jindal, Cruz all just so full of bigoted hate and pandering to their bases. Unsuitable. The rest? Forgettable.

On the Dem side it’s a bit different since so few are running. Really the only two meaningful people left are Clinton and Sanders. Whereas I have not decided yet, Bernie talks a great game but can he win in a general election? Hillary is probably the most prepared and competent person to ever run for the presidency. It would be nice to see a strong experienced leader that doesn’t need the learning curve Obama and Bush needed.

There are so many things going on today that choosing our next leader is vitally important. Even if you just look at the Supreme Court, a Dem must win.

There are so many other issues as well. Actually being able to create real jobs that can pay enough for a family to live on. There is a reason why we have more people living in poverty than any other time in our history: because the newly created jobs, while impressive in numbers, are low paying, part time, and unacceptable. A dire warning to Hillary, if you keep up the Obama happy dance about the economy you will look out of touch and uncaring.

There are so many other issues from income inequality to education to legalized discrimination to Climate Change. And many many more. But we aren’t hearing any substantial conversations on any relevant issues, and, we probably won’t.

Right now this is a fiasco. Candidates running wild, trying to bully the news media. The news media unable or unwilling to ask candidates the questions to move our country forward and the worst of all; I don’t think there is one candidate running who has the American peoples best interest and the country’s best interest as their first priority. It’s all about them.

So, where does that leave us? In a shitty place. This is definitely not what our founding fathers wanted for the future of this country.  Together we must change everything.


Even Mobsters Had a Heart


Even mobsters had a heart! RT@HistoricalPics: Al Capone’s soup kitchen during Great Depression,Chicago,1931

I retweeted this pic this morning, then again just now. It really is shameful that the United States Congress, more specifically the tea party and GOP would rather have people go hungry, live in their cars than extend unemployment insurance.

Create Jobs, extend unemployment insurance. Do what the American people want.

I wanted this pic on my blog so more people would see it. A sad day in American history.

Please Read A Personal Experience With #Unemployment

IMG_3864An anonymous guest blogger’s Unemployment story:

Came from CUBA w my parents back in 1967 in the LIBERTY FLIGHTS.
Got married ,divorced, no kids and worked different jobs.
In Feb 11th    1980 got an office job and I thought to my self I will retired from here at 65.
On JULY  2012 after 33 years I  got layoff .They got TEMPS and younger college people.
I did  get UI .and looked for part time jobs. But there is a problem I was 60 They want younger people.
In NOV 2013  after I did worked all my life the stop my UI .No savings.
I will be force to retired at 62  10 months to go.
I have not paid rent for the last two months, going to food pantry and Salvation Army for food, for me and m pets.but they don’t give personal items. EMBARRASSING.
You can go once a month to either one .Never get enough food for my dogs. So if I get $5 extra dollars is for pet food.
I don’t drink or smoke but I LIKE TO DRINK DIET COKE  and I can’t .My dogs are first.
I been waiting to get help w my electric bill since JAN 16th  that I did apply for help.
Com ED can’t wait till I AM approved ,they want down payment of $67.by next Friday.
Had to cancel the YMCA of 14 years.
My family pays my phone and Internet in case of an emergency .
My neighbor did give me money to help w my cooking gas.
I am not a lazy person I clean the building to help w my rent. I take care of a couple of cats ,I do my land lord’s laundry and help her in her house .She takes it off the rent.
They offer me to apply for low income ,just have to get in line…..
Why do I have to move when I been here for 34 years?
No one can tell me that I am taking a long vacation and enjoying this situation ,not knowing if next month I will have electricity or cooking gas or a place to leave.
I wont tell my name. , don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me .I want what I deserve ,what I worked for. 

A #MustRead Letter to the Editor from a Follower #Military #Unemployment Media Ignoring Longterm Unemployed

A follower of mine sent me this letter she sent in to a newspaper; the newspaper edited out the most important parts of the letter so I am publishing the full text. This letter brings up so many valid and important issues that are completely ignored by Congress, the Media, the President, by everyone. Here is an excellent reminder:

IMG_1640“Letter to the Editor”


It was interesting to see your front page story yesterday regarding $1 Billion being “found,” and furloughed workers getting back their 5th day of work per week.


Forgive me, but day after day we read articles and heard news reports about workers who lost one day of work per week for a period of time, while people such as myself cannot find a job, at all.


I was recently laid off from a management position with an IT start-up that didn’t have its financial ducks in a row.  Because I worked for such a short period of time, and hadn’t worked for a number of months previously, I was not eligible for unemployment benefits.  Since then, I was offered a contract with a local defense contractor, and while waiting to receive the contract, they decided to cancel it.


No unemployment benefits, savings gone, about to apply for food stamps, maybe welfare…..  and, in addition, I am an ex military spouse.  I left my own career to support the career of my now ex-husband, and when I need it the most, I cannot find a stable job in order to support myself.


When is the same level of attention by the paper, and others, going to be given to people who are on the verge of financial collapse because they can’t find work?


And, even more so, when is the same level of attention going to be given to military spouses who “did their duty” by giving up their careers for the “military member,” and have no way of supporting themselves if the need arises?


A one-day-a-week furlough caused you to skip your Saturday nights out?  Forgive me, but the inability to find stable work is causing many more of us to have to decide whether to pay the rent, or buy food, or maybe even forget the rent all together and just move into the car.


Isn’t it time to focus on the people who are really struggling?