Can We Learn To Tell The Truth For The Future of the Country

IMG_1684It amazes me when I read different news media and their completely factually incorrect articles they put out. The articles, of course, are to promote either Democrats or Republicans. Has anyone ever had the idea to promote articles, knowledge and experience that would help both parties and the entire Country?

It seems not, since I don’t ever recall seeing anything of this sort. We are one Country and we all have similar goals: making our lives better, safer and a better future for the next generation. Each side may have a different way of realizing the goals; but knowing we have the same goals is very important.

Let’s stop the lies and start working together to make things better. I just saw some posting about how George W. Bush squandered a $5.6 trillion dollar surplus. That is 100% inaccurate. Before people shoot their mouthes off they should do some research. That figure of $5.6T was an estimated figure if the economy continued to grow at the pace it was in the late 1990s. It didn’t. The burst of the dot com bubble was so severe not only did it eliminate any surpluses it also took away all of the value of the growth of the late 1990s.

Why is this important? Am I picking on Bill Clinton while propping up George Bush? No, it’s important because it’s factual information that we can learn from in the future. You need facts to build better policy, bills and laws for the future.

And this needs to be our goal. A better future by learning from all of the successes and failures of each administration. Ego has to be let go; our Country’s future is the most important goal.

Obviously George Bushes’s wars were both fiascos that won’t be finished for years and have put a very deep stain on the competency of the United States of America. President Obama has had to play clean up to get us out of these wars. My goal is for someone non-partisan to look at our invasion of Afghanistan and give a scenario of how we could have done better. Perhaps not targeting the whole Country, just al Qaeda. Yes hindsight is 20/20, but this isn’t about blame, it’s about what to do in the future. In my view, if we had just gone after al Qaeda we would not have had America’s longest war. We might have troops there still, but a small number with a limited assignment.

Iraq was another, is another, complete disaster. Rather than saying Bush was a fool (which wouldn’t be incorrect) what is the bigger lesson? How many troops were sent in? Why was the U.S. unable to tamp down the insurgency? Bush 1 sent 600,000 troops in 1990; Bush 2 sent 150,000 troops in 2003. Maybe this is the very reason Iraq was able to turn from mass insurgency to what it is today.

Each administration should look to the past to see what kind of help they can get to plan a better future. Perhaps Condi Rice has things to offer about Iran dragging their feet and stalling; perhaps she has something to offer about U.S. Russia relations. Of course she does. Contact her.

The only President in modern history that has been utilized for his experience by both Democrats and Republicans is Richard Nixon. Yes, surprising, but true. We need to do more of this. If H.W. has good advice, listen and takes notes. If Bill Clinton has good advice also listen also take notes. It can no longer be a tit for tat game. Country first.

The economy? My goal is for Mr. Obama and his aides (both D and R) look at all the info available at what invigorates the economy. What produces more higher paying jobs. Our economy is not in good shape as most polls have noted. Despite the promising figures people don’t feel positive about the economy. Why? Because most/all of the gains have gone to the .01% not the general public.

When people brag about the Obama economy they should really ask themselves a few questions first. One being, if everything Obama tried to do to stimulate the economy was obstructed who is responsible for the numbers that sound good today? The president who offered a few jobs packages, or the people that obstructed them.

The point? R’s and D’s need to drop their egos at the door and look to each other for what has worked and what could work in the future. From the economy to Russia, Iran. We have a vast quantity of knowledge, let’s utilize it for all Americans.


The United States Political System Is So Broken It Might Never Be Fixable

IMG_1327I really like politics. I like hearing different ideas of how to make our Country a better place to live in. I like hearing how both the left and right want to pave a path to a better future for our fellow Americans.

This is about the exact opposite of what is going on in this Country of ours. ‘Politics’ has changed from a way to make the citizens lives better to the other meaning of ‘politics’ which is how to out maneuver your opponents. How to make yourself and your party look better with absolutely no regard for the ramifications those actions have on every day working people.

This observation and analysis is directed at everyone in todays’ political world. DEMS have used many of the same tactics that the GOP has to stop their nemesis’s. But, in the history of The United States of America there has never been such negligent behavior from the party not in power to simply ruin the party, and the parties President as we have witnessed for the past six years.  Never have we seen an opposing party, the GOP, have a scorched earth policy to demean and discredit the President; while at the same time making life for hard working or unemployed people even more difficult.

The goal of the GOP has been to make President Obama a failure. The GOP has blocked unlimited numbers of job creation bills which has led to the extremely weak economy we have now. The GOP motivation? Lynch President Obama. The 10s of millions of unemployed and even more underemployed were of no interest to the GOP.

Now, I am completely aware that the DEMS when not in power were no angles. But the Democratic party seems to always have the best interest of the Country as a whole as their baseline. Who passed TARP, the bill that kind of avoided another Great Depression? The DEMS working together with a GOP President for the good of the Country.

It sickens me to see the fringe rightwing conservative nut jobs saying anything they can to gain attention. They aren’t saying, ‘how can we make the Country better for all’ no, they are saying how can we never compromise and have no interest in other peoples’ suffering. To me, this is sickening.

People are not on welfare or food stamps because life is a dream when living well below the poverty level. Yes, some people do abuse the system. But, for the most part, the vast majority want to be able to find a job where they can support their families.

How can this all change? Is it too late? I honestly don’t know. In my lifetime it seems every year things get worse for people in need. People who want to contribute to society, want to do it on their own. This is very difficult when you have a GOP party that blocks all help for people that are in need. And, don’t forget what I am saying, these people are in need of a chance to make it on their own. To have an income where they can live the ‘American Dream.’ The GOP needs to understand these people can’t find jobs; there are no jobs. No one wants to live on government assistance.

Can this all be changed? Can we as a Country put out to help out those in need so they can be contributing members of society – members that pay their taxes, don’t have to have government assistance and their earnings will help reduce our long term debt. When you have one party that actively resists the efforts to help people when they are in need; and so short sighted not to know the longterm benefits of having those same people doing well, feeling good AND reducing longterm debt it is hard to see how things can get better.

Today, right now, I am disgusted with our political process. There is so much change needed. Hillary is criticized for her speaking fees; when her husband, Ronald Reagan and many others weren’t. This is not a sign of a Country that’s moving forward. It’s a sign of a Country with double standards for men and women. Not to mention the entire Ferguson debacle where the Country is focused on past race relations. But, never a way to move forward.

Today I am disgusted with my Country. I would love to be proven wrong and see things get better for all. I am waiting for that day.

Obama’s Wars *** Weigh In

IMG_3815I know everyone today will be talking about Mr. Obama’s speech at West Point laying out his future approach to terrorism and America’s place in the world. This piece is not about that. It’s about President Obama’s Wars.

First, it’s so ironic to call them Obama’s wars, since he didn’t start them, wasn’t involved in their strategy. They were handed to him when he came in to office in 2009. Now, it was no surprise to him that this is what he was inheriting and this is what he campaigned for.

The other day President Obama laid out a time line of withdrawal from Afghanistan. He was immediately criticized by Senators McCain and Graham. Now the 2 of them do bring up good points about setting a date certain for withdrawal and how that is not the optimal way of ending a war. It should be more about ‘conditions on the ground.” Whereas that’s a nice sentiment it’s completely unrealistic.

The GOP hawks have criticized Obama to no end about the way he removed our troops from Iraq and how there is a Civil War going on there now and al Qaeda has captured land the U.S. Military fought and died to liberate. As I have mentioned before, that disgusts me. That our soldiers lost their lives and now Qaeda flags fly there.

What everyone is missing is that ‘conditions on the ground’ will never be good enough for us to leave. The McCain’s of the world say we should have left 10 or 20K troops there. Nice thought but, that would not have been enough to fight off al Qaeda, since the 200k troop force we had there didn’t fight them off.

The same goes for Afghanistan. The conditions will never be right for us to leave. We need to understand we weren’t there to remake their Country. We tried and it didn’t work. Our mission there was to decimate the al Qaeda group that attacked us on 9/11. Between Presidents Bush and Obama that goal was accomplished. We should have drawn down years ago.

In Afghanistan we are in a no win situation. Since the ‘core’ Qaeda was mostly decimated every terror group calls themselves affiliates of al Qaeda. President Obama was correct when he said that now it is time for the Afghans to set their own  future. It’s time for them to protect themselves and time for Americans to come home.

This might be pie in the sky dreaming, but I wish George W. Bush would come out and applaud what Mr. Obama has decided to do. I also wish he would have had his back over the NSA spying scandal.

Whether you are an American citizen, a past president, me, we should all have the same goal. Keeping the United States of America safe and the best place on earth!

It’s Time To Put An End to the Culture of NO; Here’s How

Image 141Job creation bill? NO. Extending Unemployment Insurance? NO. Immigration reform? NO. Flat listless economy that needs a major stimulus? NO.

I have been watching a few people I follow endless trying to get people out to Vote Blue in 2014. I want to add to their voices and ask all DEMS, UniteBlue, everyone to come together now to start preparing for the 2014 vote.

Imagine the possibilities of a Congress that actually worked to get things done for the American people? Hard to even fathom it, but the best hope we have to have a strong future is to vote out all GOP from House and Senate.

This, of course, will be no easy task. The GOP is running hard on ObamaCare and they have not lost the argument. I, myself, looked into it here in New York County in New York State i.e. Manhattan and what I found was draw droopingly horrible. To save on costs, the ACA exchanges won’t reimburse any doctor that is affiliated with a teaching hospital. You never want to go to a doctor that’s not afflicted with a teaching hospital. They are not quality doctors. Why am I bringing this up? So people will know what kind of resistance they face. I put this in the category of “things that need to be fixed.”

I want to do whatever I can to help turn out the vote for 2014. And I am asking all of you not only to vote but more. I am asking you to look to people in your community who might need a ride to the polling stations. Work with others to set up carpools. Be cognizant of the voter registration rules in your County today. Make sure you have what you need and also help others to get what they need so they can vote. Voter ID, fuck them. Get one, help someone get one. It’s only April there is time to get everything in order for the election.

We can change this, we can make the hard nosed, non thinking GOP go home and have a real live person that wants to work for our Country.

I call on everyone to help in this effort. Whether you are UniteBlue, Joan Walsh, Marko from the Daily Kos to Barack Obama to anyone that wants to see positive change. Let’s stop talking about this and start working on it. We can get rid of the dead wood and bring  America back to the shining city on the hill where everyone wants to be.

Let me hear from you; more importantly, let others hear from you. The time to act is NOW.

The two people who inspired this post and should be congratulated are Ed Hull  and Matthew Stuart  who should both be thanked by all of us. Thanks guys!

Are We Already In WW3 But Don’t Know It

IMG_3969It seems like there is violence all around the world, every where I turn I see it. From Iraq Sunni Shia war that has been going on for over a thousand years, to right here in the U.S. Conservatives fighting with ultra-Conservatives and both groups fighting with the DEMS.

Obviously we aren’t in another World War, however it seems that war, physical or mental, is every where. Look what’s going on today in Ukraine, the President of the United States of America warned Russia’s Putin not to get involved militarily. Russian troops are already in Ukraine, flying the Russian flag over one of the parliament buildings.

Then take Syria, Civil War for years; Russia and Iran helping the Assad regime. No one helping the opposition, because no one really knows who the opposition is. Some are affiliated with Qaeda. Then of course there is Egypt which hasn’t quite decided how the Arab Spring will turn out.

You have the complete mess that the U.S. has left Iraq in and will soon be leaving Afghanistan in. Is it a coincidence that there is a huge heroin problem in the U.S. when our troops and others are there and Afghanistan is one of the largest suppliers of Opium. The Middle East is in complete chaos, then you have Iran. What is their game? Will these talks and pre-agreements turn into anything or are they stalling as usual to complete their nuclear weapons?

And here in the envied U.S. the income disparage and the unseen number of unemployed, what’s going to happen here over the next decade? What’s going to happen to the people when they have no money. Do we really have to spend so much time fighting about abortion? Civil Rights for Gays and Blacks?

Something needs to be done about all the turmoil, vitriol and hatred that is going on around the world. Can’t we all just get along? I think that was Rodney King’s statement but it’s so true. But, like good ole Ronnie used to say, if we can agree on 80% we are doing well.

Before this powder keg explodes, we all need to take a step back, respect others opinions and Give Peace a Chance.

DEMS Now Is NOT the time to Get Cocky

Italy2011 337What happened the last few weeks can be summed up as nothing but a fiasco. Government shutdown, dangling worldwide depression with a U.S. default on debt, everyone stuck in place and digging their heels in. This was an embarrassment for our Country, most likely slowed the economy and GDP growth, and more importantly made the United States of America look like a parody of a Democracy. If DEMS reading this think they won, let me be the first to tell you, you are wrong. No one won; everyone lost. Today the polls show a huge drop in approval for the GOP; elections in 2014 won’t remember this episode. The maddening part is everyone lost. So we put this budget and debt ceiling off for 6 weeks. Then what will change?

A more energized tea party? A bigger fight? An actual default? It was so frustrating and mind boggling for me to watch the Sunday News shows yesterday. Seeing Ted Cruz be able to blabber on about how only if the GOP in the senate stood with the GOP in the House everything would have been ok? Seriously? No it would not have been. President Obama would veto any repeal of healthcare. There is no 2/3 majority in the Senate to overturn his veto. Did Cruz getting questioned about that? No. Since that is the case, the tea party has wasted the people’s time and money on something that has no chance of happening.

So where do we go from here? When I read newspaper articles about the tea party fighting harder next time it really wants to make me move out of this Country. They are so irrational and unConstitutional I believe they should be tried and jailed. No, not because I dont agree with their lunacy, but because they are wasting the people’s time and money. I don’t care if every single person in TX wasn’t ACA gone, we live in a democracy and those Texans lost so they cant repeal/replace/defund ACA. As the President himself said just the other day; if you dont like this go out and win a few elections and maybe you could change things. But, we are where we are. We cant change the fact we went into Iraq and made a huge mess; we cant change the fact the ACA is the law of the land. One with a thinking working brain would try to improve ACA, make it better. But, like I have said before, for the GOP it never was about ObamaCare, it was about the man himself Barack Obama. It’s whatever Mr. Obama is for they are against.

But, DEMS, dont be fooled. No one will remember this episode in 2014 or 2016, keep up the good fight. Wage war to get more people back to work; make ACA better, work on immigration. Winning this temporary fight doesnt mean anything. Keep pushing whats on people’s minds, what can help the average American citizen. The more the DEMS work for timely issues the more the GOP will be stuck in the past, talking about contraception and gay rights. When the Pope is more with it than you are, you need to rethink your strategy.

And, for the rest of us who are not in politics: register to #vote, vote out people who waste the governments time and money on posturing events. Vote to make your voice heard. Vote for change. Today we are ridiculed around the world, we as citizens can and must change than. Vote in 14 and vote in 16.


ImageWhat a great day for equality. Today’s Supreme Court rules are long over due in the battle for Gay Rights and Equality. Gay people had been the last group that people could openly discriminate against. In this day and age to openly discriminate against anyone for any reason is appalling. It’s about time that people understood the truth about being Gay. You are, to quote Lady Gaga, Born That Way! Its not a choice you make; its not a preference, its part of who you are. For bible thumpers, stop being so hypocritical. Do you follow every word in the bible? Divorce? Fine. Adultery? Fine. I wont get into religion, but if you think you are justified for discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation by religion, you are wrong. Hate is hate and you should join the modern world.

What makes me happiest about today’s decision is that young people can eventually know being gay is the same as being non-gay. You have the same future options of marriage, family. I hope in time parents are more understanding with their kids and encourage open dialogue and if they happen to be gay that they are treated the same as their non-gay siblings. I hope kids in high school, sports teams stop having the worst insult you can give a man is that he is feminine.

I am not naive, I know this decision wont change discrimination over night. Civil Rights for African Americans was passed 50 years ago and look how disrespectfully many people treat our President, Mr. Obama. The tea party wants their country back, what that means is a white President and a white majority. Disgusting. My hope is this does not turn into a Roe v Wade never ending battle. I hope this is the first day people start understanding gay people are just like everyone else. And deserve the same rights as everyone else.