Why Is The Media Out To Kill A Hillary Presidency?

Hillary and Bill Clinton at Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa, in September

I have wondered this question for a while, but the way the news was reported today really showed me how biased our so called news media is. How they don’t report facts, and how utterly falsely they report on Sec. Clinton.

Yes, I am aware that this media bias affects everyone and everything, however, I think the way Mrs. Clinton has been treated is a scathing account of media credibility in the United States.

The polls had shown for weeks that Clinton and Sanders were tied in Iowa. The running meme was that if there was high turn out Mr. Sanders would win with large margins. There were extremely high turn outs and Bernie Sanders did not win by large margins. He lost. Sec. Clinton won by a tiny margin.

Did the media point out she did better than expected? No. Did the media point out that Sen. Sanders failed to perform as expected with a large turn out? No. Why? Bias against Hillary.

What really pisses me off about this is the lack of fairness. The media can, and does, create winners and losers. The fact it isn’t done factually is unacceptable. This post is not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it is about our complete failure of having a news media that we can look to for factual, non biased straight information.

On the other side of the aisle, when I learned today that Cruz sent out a statement last night saying Dr. Carson had dropped out of the race so Cruz could win Carson’s supporters it infuriated me. I think Carson would be a horrible POTUS, but, again, everything needs to be above board and fair.

Back to the war between the press and Hillary Clinton. I feel like it started back in 1991 or 1992 when she said something about not baking cookies. The media lambasted her for that.

People always talk about the shadow of doubt over Mrs. Clinton. Why is that? Since 1992 to 2016 the right wing has been trying to take her down. From Whitewater to emails. Has the media ever clarified that Sec. Clinton has not once been found to have done anything wrong, illegal, questionable or scandalous? No. The media has fanned the flames of all the accusations without ever once going back to look at what happened and clarify that there was no wrong doing. The media has let, and promoted, the shadow of doubt over Hillary Clinton.

The narrative of the story is what the press controls. They can report that yesterday was a victory for Clinton with the very high turn out of Sanders supporters, or they can and are reporting a stinging loss for Mrs. Clinton in the virtual tie that incurred. This is extremely important because it will influence the way people vote in New Hampshire. And, in the rest of the primaries.

We allegedly live in a democracy. Forgetting about the fact that we don’t and actually live in an Oligarchy some things must be sacrosanct. If Mr. Sanders beats Mrs. Clinton in primary states he deserves to be the Democratic nominee for POTUS. The same is true if Mrs. Clinton wins.

What is unacceptable is the media bias in their reporting. Whether it’s Clinton or Carson, everything must be reported factually and in context.

My belief is the media has been out to get Hillary Clinton since her husband ran for the presidency in 1992. The media has continued to fail in its reporting. In the end, one might wonder why they are so against her; but that is another conspiracy theory out there.

So, in summing up, I want to see more fairness in reporting. Hillary won last night even with a huge turn out. That’s good for her.

Now let’s get back to the race, everyone please #vote. And, as a good friend said earlier today #GameOn