Flashing Red Lights and Sirens Should be Going off for Dems

A beggar is seen with her child on a street in central Athens December 1, 2010. Greek Minister of Labour Louka Katseli said in a conference on Monday November 29, that one in every five Greeks live under the poverty line. According to the European Commission data, 21 percent of Greeks (2.2 million people) survive on an income below the threshold of 60 percent of the national median income. Greece and Ireland have the highest poverty rate in the 15-member EU, while Sweden has the lowest at nine percent. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (GREECE – Tags: SOCIETY BUSINESS POLITICS) – RTXV9Z8

Democrats need to stop bickering over Hillary and Bernie and need to pay serious attention to what is going on today in our economy. Just about every single business news outlet, from The Wall Street Journal to CNNMoney, have been warning of another recession about to hit the US economy.

Many might find that striking news because 99% of the country has not recovered from the crash and Great Recession/Depression of 2008. But, the fact that things could get worse, considerably worse, is something Dems need to pay very close attention to.

“It’s the economy, stupid” is still true. If continued bad times happen and deteriorate the country will look for a change. This change is very likely to be which party controls the White House.

The US stock market has been plunging since December of 2015. The Nasdaq, which took 15 years to recover from the dot com bubble, is now down about 20%. Consumer confidence is down. Consumer spending is down. According to the Journal, most economic indicators point to a global slow down, volatile 2016 and a recession in the United States.

One can very easily debate if this would be a new recession or a complete replay of the Great Depression.

Either way, politically this is a disaster for the two Democratic presidential candidates. I will repeat, bad economic times makes people want change. That change could be disastrous with a “President Trump” or even worse a “President Cruz.”

It is time for president Obama to start pushing hard for a stimulus, job growth proposals and other ways of boosting the economy. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders need to be standing behind him and pushing him, the congress and the country hard for this relief. First for the benefit of the country and second for the benefit of the future. We need one of them to be the next POTUS, no questions asked.

If the economy is doing poorly in the fall neither one of them has a chance to win. The GOP will just make matters worse for every day citizens and the overall economy.

The ‘happy dance’ needs to end. All the talk of how well we have recovered, the enormous job gains we’ve had need to stop. There is a reason the majority of Americans think we still are in a recession. There is a reason why there are more people on government assistance than ever in our country’s history. There is a reason why the people in the workforce is at a 40 year low. There are severe consequences of having an economy that grows at under 2%.

It’s time to deal with facts. We need to create and strongly push for new plans for job creation, increased wages and increased GDP.

Senator Sanders has done a better job in outlining the problems in the US economy, now is the time he needs to  try to make things happen. Sec. Clinton is much stronger on foreign policy, but it is also time for her to speak up and demand help for the people.

Pretending everything is going great is a very foolish strategy. The abysmal place the economy is in now and the thought of it getting worse will be crippling for the American public.

It will also guarantee us a Republican President in 2017.