A Second Open Letter To Bernie Sanders



Mr. Sanders, I see that you have ignored my first open letter to you as to how best to use what you have accomplished to the best for the country.

What I have seen you do in recent weeks is a desperate and pathetic posturing to try to make yourself be the president. Your claims of wanting to make the country better seem to have vanished.

Your goal has changed from helping our country to helping yourself. This is something you might not see as being too caught up in the moment. This is definitely something your blindly faithful fans are unable to see. They trust you. They are inspired by you.

They aren’t able to see that you are leading them down the path of fraud and destruction. This is tragic as that many of your fans can’t afford to send you $27 donations and your claims of electability are fraudulent.

Senator Sanders, you have lost the 2016 Democratic primary. It is time someone called you out on it and let the truth be told.

Mrs. Clinton will secure the nomination on Tuesday before the polls close in CA. Yes, that’s right, she won fare and square.

You have two fatal flaws in your strategy that few understand:

  1. You’re whining for months about the rigged system and then admitting that you knew the rules going in is inexcusable. You have a group of very faithful followers who thought your (lying) stance on a rigged system gave them hope you could be their real savior. Had you been honest about the rules and just told people you didn’t win I could have some respect for you. Lying to millions of people saying you were unfairly treated then a few months later saying you knew the rules but thought they were stupid is inexcusable. You have zero creditability.
  2. Now, your argument is that because of a few polls you are beating Trump more than Sec. Clinton is. This stance is beyond absurd. As you and anyone educated know hypothetical match ups at this early date have no accuracy. Knowing that your argument  to the  superdelegates has no basis, what you are asking for is even more outrageous. You want the superdelegates to override the pledged delegates and also the popular vote of 3 million voters more that you have received is not only preposterous it’s outrageous.

Mr. Sanders, the good will you had created is being ruined by your irrationality. You had started a good movement. Now I fear you will not only alienate all Republicans but also all Democrats too. Your sore loser attitude is going to sink everything you gained.

So, my advice to you is to salvage as much as you can. Try to be a voice of a future movement and not act like a 5 year old boy having a tantrum. No matter what you do it might be too late for you to regain respect.

But, you must try.