DEMS Now Is NOT the time to Get Cocky

Italy2011 337What happened the last few weeks can be summed up as nothing but a fiasco. Government shutdown, dangling worldwide depression with a U.S. default on debt, everyone stuck in place and digging their heels in. This was an embarrassment for our Country, most likely slowed the economy and GDP growth, and more importantly made the United States of America look like a parody of a Democracy. If DEMS reading this think they won, let me be the first to tell you, you are wrong. No one won; everyone lost. Today the polls show a huge drop in approval for the GOP; elections in 2014 won’t remember this episode. The maddening part is everyone lost. So we put this budget and debt ceiling off for 6 weeks. Then what will change?

A more energized tea party? A bigger fight? An actual default? It was so frustrating and mind boggling for me to watch the Sunday News shows yesterday. Seeing Ted Cruz be able to blabber on about how only if the GOP in the senate stood with the GOP in the House everything would have been ok? Seriously? No it would not have been. President Obama would veto any repeal of healthcare. There is no 2/3 majority in the Senate to overturn his veto. Did Cruz getting questioned about that? No. Since that is the case, the tea party has wasted the people’s time and money on something that has no chance of happening.

So where do we go from here? When I read newspaper articles about the tea party fighting harder next time it really wants to make me move out of this Country. They are so irrational and unConstitutional I believe they should be tried and jailed. No, not because I dont agree with their lunacy, but because they are wasting the people’s time and money. I don’t care if every single person in TX wasn’t ACA gone, we live in a democracy and those Texans lost so they cant repeal/replace/defund ACA. As the President himself said just the other day; if you dont like this go out and win a few elections and maybe you could change things. But, we are where we are. We cant change the fact we went into Iraq and made a huge mess; we cant change the fact the ACA is the law of the land. One with a thinking working brain would try to improve ACA, make it better. But, like I have said before, for the GOP it never was about ObamaCare, it was about the man himself Barack Obama. It’s whatever Mr. Obama is for they are against.

But, DEMS, dont be fooled. No one will remember this episode in 2014 or 2016, keep up the good fight. Wage war to get more people back to work; make ACA better, work on immigration. Winning this temporary fight doesnt mean anything. Keep pushing whats on people’s minds, what can help the average American citizen. The more the DEMS work for timely issues the more the GOP will be stuck in the past, talking about contraception and gay rights. When the Pope is more with it than you are, you need to rethink your strategy.

And, for the rest of us who are not in politics: register to #vote, vote out people who waste the governments time and money on posturing events. Vote to make your voice heard. Vote for change. Today we are ridiculed around the world, we as citizens can and must change than. Vote in 14 and vote in 16.


Tea Party Is UnAmerican and UnPatriotic And Needs to be Called Out on It

Image 75What the United States just went through was an embarrassing fight that could have resulted in a worldwide Great Depression. The Great Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke of has turned into an ungovernable farce. The escapades of the tea party, the cowardice of John Boehner was so reckless; and who will feel the pain from all of this? Certainly not them. Its the people who live paycheck to paycheck, people who cant find jobs and rely on government for assistance. The political posturing and gamesmanship shown the last few weeks has had severe negative impact on people. The government, that is paid by you and me, should not allowed to play chess using the American people as pawns.

What was the disagreement about anyway? ObamaCare aka The Affordable Care Act #ACA. The tea party is so against this law that they shut the government down and put us on the brink of default. They have spread blatant lies about #ACA saying that corporate America is already suffering from it, they cite UPS for no longer covering spouses as an example. President Obama delayed the employer mandate a year, so the decision by UPS had nothing to do with ACA. It’s another tea party lie. First off, I dont know how anyone could be so against ACA when no one really knows whats in it. As I have said many times the administration has done a dismal job informing the public about the bill. As I have also said many times, the fact that the House has had 43 votes to defund/repeal ACA is an outrageous misuse of Congressional time. Its obvious to me, and I cant understand why its not to others, that the GOP and tea party arent in Congress to make life better for the American people, they are there to make Mr. Obama a failure as president. Plain and simple.

As I mentioned in my last post, the tea party zealots might have in fact been sent to Washington to repeal ACA. When you look at the big picture, if you are able to, you see that whatever the House votes to repeal will not become law unless the Senate agrees and the president signs it. Chances of that were about 0%. That should have been learned or taught to the tea party day one, hour one. Yes one symbolic vote might have been ok. Then it was time to move on. President Obama doesnt say the bill is perfect. The GOP plan was to repeal the healthcare law and leave people without health insurance. If the tea party consisted of true patriotic Americans they should have gotten straight to work on making the law better, fixing the kinks in it. Instead they postured and bloviated for four years about the evils of ACA and were hours away from having the worlds economy dive into a cataclysmic disaster.

So its not really ACA the tea party was after, it was Obama. The tea party has a point in bringing up the Country’s long term debt, that is a real and serious issue. However their charade of the last few weeks has added $700B to our debt. Again, if you look at the bigger picture and your goal as a patriotic American is to have a better life for generations to come you have to think of ways to lower the debt. Currently our economy has over 23 million un/under employed people, some estimates are as high as 89 million. What you need to do is get these people back into the workforce. Thats the single best way to bring in more revenue to the U.S. Treasury which in turn will lower the longterm debt. According to an article in Forbes magazine if the U.S. were to spend $400 Billion in a jobs program today, the amount of money that would come into the treasury is $4Trillion in ten years. Why does no one pay attention to this? Oh, because they are too busy with manufactured crisis like the one we just went through.

If the tea party were Patriotic Americans they would be behind such a bill. Closing a lot of tax loop holes is also needed. Not revenue neutral. GE and other large corporations are able to pay no taxes at all? Our tax code needs a major overhaul. No flat tax; the more you earn the more you pay. Period. Those that have good fortune should reach their hands out to those that don’t.

Like Elizabeth Warren I am not pleased with this deal either. It just delays the fight for 6 weeks. The tea party is already gearing up to kill immigration and other bills the president wants to do.

Tea party is not pro America.

One Cowardice Man Chooses To Save His Job Rather than “Country First”

OB-ZC577_1001sh_E_20131001075024Country First I believe is in our Constitution, but it should be mandatory for any politician in the Country. The Government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase really comes down to one man. John Boehner. The Speaker of the House. Mr. knows that if he called the House in session and had a vote on both issues they would both pass. The Government could reopen; the world would see that we are still the most reputable Country in the world. And most importantly the government could get back to work on the people’s business. But, Speaker Boehner is more concerned with keeping his job than bringing down the entire Country and quite possibly a worldwide Great Depression. Boehner knows if he called for a vote today it would pass, with more Democrats than GOP. This would lose him his speakership. What can you say about one man who puts his self interest above everyone elses in the entire Country. The contempt and disgust I feel for this man is beyond words. I believe his actions are treasonous and he should be tried and jailed. And, we pay this mans salary.   Where we are today could be solved today if this one man would grow a pair of balls and act like a leader. Tell his caucus he and they need to act for the good of the Country.

How did we get here? There is lots of blame to be spread around; in my view not one of our elected officials is not at fault. You could go back to January of 2009, when we were losing 800,000 jobs per month, when the GOP publicly rejected president Obama’s stimulus plan while Mr. Obama was in the car on the way to show the GOP plan that they were rejecting before seeing it. That set the tone of how the GOP would work with the first African-American President; yes I am implying racism. Lets fast forward to ACA/ObamaCare. The GOP and far right have fought so hard to repeal and defund this law. They have spent 10s of billions of dollars on negative ad campaigns. They have no repeal and replace; just repeal. Let the poor fend for themselves. This makes me wish the heaven and hell fantasy were true; kicking the needy while they are down should send you straight to hell.

Now the 2010 elections the tea party gained a lot of seats from uninformed voters and were sent to Washington to repeal ObamaCare. Fair enough. When you look at reality with a Democratically held Senate and President anything the House votes on wont become law. Its as simple as that. But what did the House do? They voted 43 times to repeal/defund ACA. Forty-three times! That time could have been spent by creating jobs; we have a staggering unemployment crisis; the workforce participation is at a 35 year low, which means there are 10s of millions of people looking for work. There is so much they could have tried to do instead of wasting time and money voting 43 times to kill a law that had no chance of being killed. The 2012 election was partly based on ACA and the GOP lost by 7 million votes.

So, now the GOP will fund all of Government except ACA; yet another fruitless attempt to kill the law. Their tactics are pathetic and for the first time in history the United States of America is a laughing stock. The Taliban ridiculed us for not being able to govern and saying we starve our own people.

And now I am coming full circle, we can’t undo what’s been done but one man, one coward, one person more interested in keeping his job is refusing to bring a vote to the House floor. This crisis could be resolved today. Speaker Boehner you are an embarrassment to our Country, Government and you should be behind bars.

Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

IMG_1521I try to read Peggy’s weekly column in The Wall Street Journal; although I prefer seeing her speaking live and giving her opinions on various Sunday News Shows. I don’t always agree with her, actually I often don’t agree with her. I have a lot of respect for her; she called out Sarah Palin as being unprepared to be VP when no one else was saying that. I like people who tell it like it is, Ms. Noonan does. I try to as well!

Anyway in her column this week she talks about the IRS case and how shockingly little is being done to investigate it. I was shocked to see FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying saying he didn know how many agents were investigating the case, he couldn’t name a single agent who was working on it and didnt even know who was heading up the investigation. Thats mind numbing. The President of the United States says he wants immediate action and a month later the FBI  Director knows nothing of the investigation. Thats shocking and shameful. Peggy also points out that a new CNN poll now shows a 10% increase in the number of people who think the White House was directly involved. There needs to be a thorough and complete transparent investigation on this. The IRS should never be allowed to target any group of people. I am by no means a fan of the Tea Party but they deserve the same consideration as anyone else.

And, where is President Obama? On hearing this news from the FBI Director he should have been outraged and come out forcefully saying, again, this will be top priority. Where is Mr. Obama on a lot of things, explaining what we are doing in Syria and why; why he is ignoring the staggeringly high number of unemployed people; what is his vision for the Country for the next decade, century? What is America’s role in the world today? Those are for different posts but they do address a leadership style that leaves everyone wondering whats going on and who’s in charge. Does anyone yet know how ObamaCare is going to affect them? I don’t.

Back to the investigation of the IRS the reason its so important is because the American people deserve to know what happened, why it happened, who was involved. This issue is going to be incredibly damaging to the Democrats going forward. The Tea Party people are motivated by this, its making them gather more and they might have a more successful election than they did in 2010. Its mobilizing and motivating them; which you cant really blame them for; what if it was Jews that were targeted, or Gays, anyone would be up in arms as they should be.

Most people who read my blog think I am extremely liberal, I dont like labels and consider myself an Independent so you might be surprised reading words that could have come out of Karl Rove’s mouth, but I believe in equality and wont tolerate crimes in Government. I use the word crime for a reason. Whomever did this or was instructed to do this was not only breaking the rules of the IRS they should be considered to have broken the law. I think too many companies, banks, etc when caught doing wrong doing pay stiff fines. I think they should be jailed. The idea of being behind bars is much harsher than paying a big fine and keeping your $12million a year job.

Talk about media bias; I was watching CNN interview someone from the Tea Party who was affected by this, the person from CNN said something about how in the bigger picture should any groups like this get tax exemption status; she rightfully told the interviewer that that is not what the issue at hand is. The issue at hand is why were they targeted.

Personally I think none of them (DEMS, GOP) should get tax exempt status, but that is a question for another day. I highly recommend Democrats getting this issue investigated and out in the open and show a sense of urgency. By not doing so not only are the Tea Party people going to gain strength they will also be able to claim Government doesnt know what its doing.

Act Now!

So Much Going On Yet So Few Results

IMG_1394 I feel like every time I turn on the tv or go online for news its like groundhog day. Crisis after crisis, each side pointing fingers at the other, lots of scare talk. Why is there no one who can really explain things so that people can understand the problems of the day and attempt to fix them. What we have now are a bunch of politicians who are posturing and posing; trying to keep their jobs and their power. While non of them is thinking about the American public. The American public overwhelmingly has stated job creation and the economy as their top priority. Congress and President Obama have completely ignored that. We still have a crisis of epic proportions with 25 million people unemployed; and what do we get from Washington? Guns and Immigration. While both are admirable and should be dealt with thats not what the people want as their top priority. What we want are more jobs. Even the employed people are very anxious about losing their jobs because they know finding another one is extremely difficult. Who do I hold responsible for all of this? All of the leaders in Washington. I will say that a good 80% of the blame goes to the GOP for their obstructing everything, not compromising and basically seeming like sore losers who just want to take the country down.

I agree our biggest crisis now is the tepid economy and the minimal job growth. We should have leaders who focus on this. As I have said many times on this blog we need more stimulus spending to create jobs. Its all about jobs. Jobs will bring in more tax revenue that will lower the debt and deficit. More jobs will raise consumer confidence, which will make consumers spend more. Consumers spending more is what fuels our economy and makes it grow. Instead we lurch from crisis to crisis. That makes everyone uneasy, companies hire fewer people, people put off spending, and the downward spiral keeps on going. Whats going on right now with the sequester is an absolutely absurd situation. All of these spending cuts will lead to many lay offs, higher unemployment, slowing of the economy. The economy has to be strong to institute cuts that will make our economy fiscally viable for the longterm. Let me be very clear; nothing has been done for job creation in years. There is nothing being proposed now, except a small ‘fix it’ program. What are they doing in DC instead of creating jobs, or working together for the good of the country? They, John McCain and his boys, are annihilating Hagel, going over everything he has ever said. Knowing all along he will be confirmed, but Hagel is already weakened by all of this; he is starting his job as a tainted Sec of Defense. Thats not the image we want for the most powerful nation on earth. John Boehner is in the news today, being told by his tea party coalition that if he offers any increase in taxes he will lose his speakership. So the fuck what? Boehner should do whats best for the country not cow tow to the tea party, which should be referred to as the American Taliban.

As disgusting as this situation is there is hope for the future. Today the GOP announced that many of them had signed a petition to legalize same sex marriage. I am sure it was done just for politics, but the example it sets for young people is excellent. Also, people under 30 are much more rational and much less prejudicial over matters of gay rights, rights for black people. The up and coming generation is not tied down to the narrow minded hateful talk and rhetoric of todays GOP. So there is hope for our future when our future arrives.

In a perfect world, or in one that someone backs me financially so I can do it, I’d like to see the media focus on what exactly is the impact of our $16.5 Trillion debt; whats the longterm impact of 25 million people not being able to afford to live; what exactly is the sequester; is it really spending more than last year? If so, why all the fuss. If not why are people saying that. I know there are opposing views but there are also proven facts that could be given to people so they know how to make a decision. If people knew that spending $400B on stimulus for job creation now would net us a savings of $4Trillion in 10 years then they’d know it was worth doing. The American public doesnt have the facts it needs to make decisions. And thats because they dont want the facts. They want to watch or read what reinforces the opinions they already have. I for one, hate that. I want all facts to make a clear decision.

Our country is headed in a bad direction. Are there any decent minded Koch brothers type people that could fund research and education to people? Is there anyone out there that wants to save the United States of America? If so, please contact me. I can do it, I need the backing. And our country needs to be saved.

That Shining City On a Hill ** How We Can Get There Again

IMG_1212Do you remember that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan used to talk about; do you remember when America was the envy of the world in every aspect from healthcare to education to freedom and lifestyle? What we Americans have put up with, or let happen, is just appalling. We arent even ranked in the top 10 for so many things, like life span, college/high school graduates, life style, infrastructure. Its really a travesty whats happened in the last 50 years or so. No one has vision, no one wants to talk about our Country in 2025, 2050. Instead, today we go for the sound bite in the hourly news cycle to see who is winning the media/popularity wars. I blame everyone for this, Mr. Obama, Congress, the American people. How did we let this happen?

Today our Country has 2 major problems an unemployment crisis and a long term debt crisis. Both sides of the isle are basically arguing over which should be addressed first or that only their issue is important. Its hard to imagine with todays petty politics that John F. Kennedy was able to challenge the American people to land a man on the moon and bring him back to earth safely within the decade. Something like that would never be agreed to now by the president and congress. But, that is exactly what we need. Forward thinking bold action. I wish George W. Bush said after 9/11 that we will stop using oil and find an affordable alternative within the decade. After all, its our money that we pay for oil that funds most terrorist. Imagine if he had done that and today we didnt import any oil and were just using renewable energy that was affordable. Think of the leverage we would have with places like Iran and other oil rich countries. Our money could be spent right here in America; bringing people new jobs and a better life. But as we know, that didnt happen. Back to our problems. I firmly believe the biggest problem we face now is unemployment. As I have mentioned many times on this blog, unemployment has the potential to do us in. What will happen to the 25 million people who are unemployed or underemployed? Addressing the unemployment issue also addresses the deficit and long term debt since the more people who are working the more money the treasury will have so our deficits will be lower, and so will our longterm debt. I think we need a massive project that will get more people working and will help our overall economy. Something like high speed cross country transit. I think now is the time to make investments in our future, big bold investments; while also having a balanced way to reduce the debt.

We have a failure in government, every single member of it. The fiscal cliff was a disaster, the upcoming and last years debt ceiling debates are such a waste of time. We know what the problems are. We need to fix them. And, in fixing them the American public needs to be better informed. What exactly do we spend our money on? “Big Government” what does that mean? Tell me exactly whats too big and what can be cut. Defense, what do we spend $800 Billion per year on? Exactly what, so we the American people can decide what can be cut and what shouldnt be. Everyone talks about the “entitlement” are killing the budget, ok, so tell me exactly how much do we spend on Medicare and Social Security. Is there an income threshold ($10M maybe) where people dont receive either? Tell me exactly how much that would save us. Tell us all that. We should all be open to changes and reductions in spending but they need to be reasonable. Someone who has $1 million is not a rich person in todays society, especially depending on location, so all cuts should be on the table but they need to be well thought out.  The mortgage deduction, perhaps it should only be on your primary residence and not on any home you want to buy or flip or whatever. My point is think logically. I would like to see a change in the tax code where the government brings in a lot more money specifically to pay down our long term debt. We need to have a plan and we need to have all parties putting everything on the table.

My recommendations are first for Mr. Obama to invite Congressional leadership for weekly lunches/dinners. Obama isnt good at and has not formed relationships with Congress. Thats why Joe Biden was better able to secure a fiscal cliff deal than Obama was. These weekly meetings would foster better relations. Next, we know we have the debt ceiling, the sequestration coming up, deal with it today, right now. What the world wants to see from us is that we can fix any problem and that we have a plan. Having a plan will make our credit rating go back up, show the world we know what we are doing and bring stability and increase hiring.

I want to see a bold plan, I want to see high speed rail from coast to coast. I want our infrastructure the best in the world. Now is the time to initiate all of these things, people need the jobs, the U.S.A. needs to be that shining city on a hill once again.

How Low Will the GOP Go?

With 3 days left until the election I have been reading so many articles that actual made my draw drop. Not just the regular political spin, but out and out lies. We shouldnt have to deal with lies coming out of campaigns or politicians; the media has failed to call out lies which just leaves voters to believe what ever they hear. Most voters dont do much research so they listen to what their party or candidate has to say. One thing over the years thats always surprised me is that Dems question everything, they question a D president, congress, everything. The GOP stands in line and backs up whomever in the GOP is speaking. This to some might seem like loyalty to me it seems like lying and withholding the truth. Let me give a few examples of how low the GOP is sinking:

  • The GOP is criticizing Obama’s handling of the natural disaster hurricane Sandy. This to me is appalling, the last disaster to happen was Katrina where Bush completely botched the rescue efforts, had no preplanning and had the head of FEMA who was an unqualified unprepared man who Bush owed a favor to. Obama took a different course, he completely reorganized FEMA; he was out in front of the storm and had people ready to go as the storm was hitting. The GOP criticizes this response, when in fact they should be learning from it, offering more help. Partisanship when people are suffering and dying is criminal.
  • The GOP and Romney have thrown Chris Christie under the bus for working well with Obama during the crisis. Again, this is more than just a political game these are people’s lives being lost, homes ruined and the GOP is more concerned with politics than they are with helping suffering citizens. Where was Romney, why didnt he encourage his followers to see how they could help. Using people’s lives as political pawns is more than just disgusting behavior it should be a federal crime. These people should be jailed.
  • The tea party is one of the biggest threats to the stability and economic recovery today. Their mantra of not compromising is akin to a child in a sandbox not sharing his toys. The tea party nearly brought the country to default, our credit rating was downgraded because of the lack of Washington being able to solve problems; ie the tea party acting like children having a temper tantrum. No grand bargain was made last year directly because of the tea party. The fiscal cliff is another one of the tea parties doings; since they wont compromise everything is at a stand still. And the GOP blames Obama for the downgrade and for not having the leadership to strike a grand bargain. When in actuality it was John Boenher who couldnt sell a tax increase to his tea party base.
  • And the most egregious of all the GOP offenses, and showing how low they will go and have gone was their strategy to regain power. The decided on a scorched earth strategy from the day Obama was inaugurated. The decided to block each and every measure Obama and the Dems put out there to try to fix the Depression we were falling into. Imagine the millions of extra people working now if it werent for the GOP plan of Obstructionism. Instead of helping out, having ideas and contributing they just voted down the line no on everything. From day one. Our country was in severe crisis and the GOP is more interested in power. Again, this should be a federal crime. They are elected to help our country and they don’t instead they deliberately sabotage it. My word for this: treason.

With a party as out of control as the GOP is they must not be able to retake the White House. Its far too dangerous. The lagging economy can be blamed as much on the GOP and Obama. Mitt Romney is an empty suit who will be pushed around by the tea party. He must not become president. Vote for Barack Obama