Dems: Wake Up, Listen Up and SHOW UP

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I read a very disturbing piece in the New York Times this morning that should give all Democrats a chill up their spines.

Dem voter turn out in primaries is way down from 2008. In Texas the voter turn out was more than 50% below 2008 levels.

We cannot win this election if Dems don’t show up and vote. It’s that simple and that clear. This is an alarming turn of events because our not turning out to vote might hand the presidency to Donald J. Trump. I can’t think of a more horrid thought than that.

What is also extremely alarming is that Trump is inspiring people to vote. Yes, there have been record turnouts at the GOP primaries while Dems aren’t showing up. What happened to the alleged Bernie revolution? You can’t have one if you can’t get voters to show up.

Worse still is that Dems can’t keep the White House with such low voter turn out.

We Must Stop This Now. We must do everything we can do get Dems to go out and vote. Not only in the primary but more importantly the general election.

Spread the word, this can’t continue. This country can’t afford another Republican president. We haven’t recovered from the last one. The economy is lousy for the 99%; the Middle East is on fire and America’s place in the world is being severely diminished.

It’s up to each one of us to encourage, belittle, shame our fellow Dems to vote. Do it however you can.

Do I have ideas that can help? Yes, of course I do. I have tons of ways to make voters actually vote. I’ve said them all many many times.

  • We should vote by mail
  • We should vote online
  • We should be able to vote in places other than our assigned precincts
  • We should have a week to vote

My ideas are endless, but won’t be accomplished this year. Feel free to share your ideas in how to get Dems to show up and vote.

In the meantime, let’s focus on now. Let’s get people out there to vote Dem now in the primaries and most importantly in November in the general. This includes all levels of government, not just POTUS