Vladimir Now Is Your Chance to be a Big-Shot *** Why U.S. Is Against Strikes

IMG_0221Today’s developments have been quite interested. John Kerry’s off the cuff remark about Assad giving up all of his WMD, then Russia agreeing is pretty remarkable. As we all know Putin wants to be a “player” on the world’s stage. And now he can be. If he immediately steps up and says he personally will head up the effort to remove all WMD from Syria; including other world powers, the UN and the U.S. to verify all the weapons are gone, Putin raises his power as a world leader. If he can get the United States to not strike that is a huge accomplishment. Having Syria WMD free would make the world a much safer place. Putin should take this and run with it. I think if Syria gives up, and it can be proven, all WMD thats punishment enough and no need for U.S. strikes. Putin could do this and he certainly would be more respected if he acted on this. He’d also get to do what he loves doing, making Obama look bad.

Btw, why wasnt this idea articulated by Barack Obama in the first place; saying that he would authorize military attacks if Assad didn’t give up all of his WMD. Again I see a lack of leadership from Mr. Obama. Wait 2 years, then come out guns a blazing to strike? Seems like there is no strategy or Doctrine at all.

And, why are so many Americans against these possibly strikes? Its not just that we are war weary; its that we have no confidence in the military leadership or our presidents knowledge of how to use the military. This goes back to October 2001 when we invaded Afghanistan, yes we toppled the Taliban. Then we up and left, took our assets and attention to toppling Saddam. We easily did that then watched as the Iraqi’s looted museums started a civil war. What happened to the Powell Doctrine of going in with overwhelming military power. Who in their right minds would think we could take 2 countries and make them democracies? It seems like we had no plan. None for Iraq, none for Afghanistan.

Instead, if our presidents and their military advisors had gone into Afghanistan toppled the Taliban; left troops there for counter terrorism and were out in a year. And if Iraq had to have happened we should have gone in with 500,000 troops to keep law and order, toppled Saddam kept the violence from happening and then left there 6 months later we all might have a better view of what can be accomplished. This isnt just about Bush, Obama also had his own surge and nothing is getting better. In my scenario if we were successfully out of Afghanistan and Iraq by 2004 and the missions were a success we might feel differently about U.S. involvement. People talk about having no trust in government; how about no trust in how the government uses the military. I think thats what many of us have lost faith in.

So my advice today is to Vladimir Putin, who I know reads my blog daily (I have many viewers from The Russian Federation) step up, take ownership of this. Get the WMD out of Syria and destroyed. Show the world who the real leader is. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. #DoIT #Peace